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Body Pillows - Health & WellnessBody Pillows are now routinely recommended by health professionals, and the benefits of using body pillows at home are now undeniable.

If you haven’t yet transitioned to one, you are loosing out on the considerable comfort and health benefits of a body pillow.

Body Pillows prevent you from tossing and rolling over when you are sleeping. This significantly improves sleep quality, essential for growth and development and body rejuvenation.

Research has also found that people who use pillows enjoy better pressure relief and generally feel happy and safe. This is beneficial to the health and the development of women and men as well.

To soothe frequent back pain or support a growing pregnancy, consider buying one of these 10 awesome body pillows recommended by our reviewers.

These are plush and comfortable body pillows. They are also supportive and non-allergenic.

10 Best Body Pillows

No 1. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Body Pillow
No 1.  Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Body Pillow
4,384 Reviews
The benefits of using body pillows are diverse, especially for people who enjoy snuggling at night. The quality of the pillow that you use matters, though.


With Snuggle-Pedic, for instance, expect a luxurious 20x54-inch snug pillow with a no-flat memory foam fill. Because of its breathable nature, this pillow cradles the body comfortably during hot nights.


Its bamboo fabric (biogreen) cover, on the other hand, has a Certipur-US certified and micro-vented design that is also hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin, but like sleeping in your birthday suit, this is a good item to have at home.


You can use it to support your legs, side, or stomach. You also get a sleep trial (120 days) and a limited factory warranty (10 years), which attest its high quality.

No 2. Leachco Back 'N Belly Body Pillow
No 2.  Leachco Back 'N Belly Body Pillow
3,462 Reviews
Christened the Chic Supreme, Leachco Back 'N Belly is a luxurious body pillow that guarantees its users a peaceful sleep.


If you roll often or struggle to sleep at night, Leachco will serve you better for these reasons. Its curved design, for instance, has slots that support the shoulders, back, and neck.


In homes and hotels, thus, you will enjoy a comfortable and interference-free night’s sleep. Made from sateen cotton (100%), its removable cover (zippered) also stands out.


Cleaning it is a breeze. It also has a durable (300-threads) yet a breathable design, which keeps the skin and body cool.

No 3. Coop Home Goods Body Pillow
No 3.  Coop Home Goods Body Pillow
1,139 Reviews
Are you looking for a breathable body pillow that you can transform into a puffy mat?


Coop Home Goods measures 20x54 inches. Most youths and adults can snuggle it comfortably at night. Its shredded memory foam fill (hypoallergenic) offers customizable support of the back and stomach, while its rayon-blended cover is soothing.


You will enjoy snuggling this pillow whilst pregnant. People who sleep on their side or back also benefit from the firm and cooling support it delivers.


Coop Home Goods is a 100% safe pillow. Its materials lack ozone depleters such as TDCPP and PBDEs. Its CertiPUR-US standards approved design also lacks formaldehyde, lead, and even mercury.

No 4. Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Body Pillow
No 4.  Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Body Pillow
898 Reviews
This full-size comfort-U body pillow from Moonlight is a beneficial accessory for sleeping. Whether you toss and turn often or overheat because of a hot down cover, consider buying one.


Designed to offer full body support, this U-shaped pillow cradles the back, shoulders, neck, and back comfortably. It guarantees a restful sleep all night long whether you are sleeping on a bed or a couch.


Its hypoallergenic stuffing (synthetic down) has a long-lasting no-flat structure. Expect years of good service from it. Its breathable design also maximizes the flow of air around the body and skin to keep its users cool.


This is a low-maintenance pillow. Its fill and cover are all machine-wash safe.

No 5. Leachco Snoogle Chic U Body Pillow
No 5.   Leachco Snoogle Chic U Body Pillow
686 Reviews
Do not let this pillow’s unorthodox shape to scare you. Ranked among the most awesome body pillows for women, it is a reputable brand in this niche.


You get many color options online, which include grey and blue. Ideal for sleeping, its extra-long midsection offers better full-body support compared to other brands.


During pregnancy, it is appropriate for supporting a delicate tummy. Most men also appreciate the soothing neck, back, and hip support that this memory foam pillow offers.


Buy one worry free. This heat-patented mom and nurse-developed body pillow eliminates the need for several pillows.

No 6. Meiz Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
No 6.  Meiz Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
1,097 Reviews
Pregnancies are often frustrating for some women. The frequent back pains they develop make it hard to watch television.


Other have a dip in sleep quality as their joints start hurting and their backs stiffen. To alleviate such issues, look for a full-body pregnancy pillow such as Meiz.


Made from 1005 cotton, its cover is tough yet comfortable. Women with normal or sensitive skin can lay on it for long without issues.


It also has a scent-free hollow fiber filling (7D) that retains its fluffiness for years. Long after your pregnancy, thus, you can continue to use this pillow to improve your quality of life.


Buy from an accredited retailer to get a 30-day refund warranty.

No 7. AngQi Support Pillow Body Pillow
No 7.  AngQi Support Pillow Body Pillow
1,025 Reviews
Used on a daily basis, AngQi offers good relief of back and neck pain.


It also doubles as a dependable pregnancy and side-sleeping pillow with interchangeable covers (two). Its 70-inch tall design accommodates most adults.


Also has a supportive U-shaped design that relaxes muscles, boosts blood circulation, and soothes back and ankle pain. Finally, whilst in use, you do not have to worry about your safety.


AngQi has used natural and hypoallergenic materials in its production, which is beneficial to most people. This satisfaction guaranteed pillow comes 100% brand new for the factory.

No 8. MyPillow Body Pillow
No 8.  MyPillow Body Pillow
144 Reviews
In their attempt to optimize pregnancy support, some women buy low-quality pillows that do more harm than good.


Others rely on analgesics to soothe back and joint pain, which is equally as dangerous. This mom-approved MyPillow pillow offers better results.


A key element in its design is the interlocking fill used in its production. It not only smooths pressure points but also cradles and supports the body better than solid foam does.


On the bed or couch, thus, you will enjoy optimal lumbar and pelvic support, which lowers the risk of injuries.


MyPillow is machine washable, dryer safe, and has a versatile 54x18-inch design that benefits men and youths as well.

No 9. Onory Pregnancy Body Pillow
No 9.  Onory Pregnancy Body Pillow
216 Reviews
Do not empty your wallet on the first hyped pregnancy pillow you find online. To sit, lay, and slip comfortably and safely, awesome body pillows such as Onory are the best to use.


Its 60-inch design fits most people. In addition to the hips and back, its U-shaped design supports the legs and neck optimally as well.


This is beneficial to people with complications such as fibromyalgia, poor posture, and sciatica pain.


Cradling babies in this body pillow is also ease, which makes it beneficial to first-time moms. The 7D fiberfill in Onory (hollow) is hypoallergenic (scent-free).


Its velvet cover, on the other hand, is soft and has double zippers for easy removal and cleaning.

No 10. Huggaroo Support-U Body Pillow
No 10.  Huggaroo Support-U Body Pillow
23 Reviews
Huggaroo Support-U is a maternity, pregnancy, and full-body support pillow in one affordable package.


Instead of buying many different pillows to accomplish these, buy this one today. Its thick body has a lofty extra soft fill that retains its shape for years.


This is unlike cheap foam brands that flatten or lose their shape after weeks of consistent use. Support to the hips, back, legs, and neck are good, while its luxurious mink cover is non-irritant.


If yours irritates you or fails to work as advertised, you can apply for a replacement worry-free. This is a satisfaction guaranteed body pillow (100%).


Considered among the best remedies for soothing  back, shoulder, and leg pain, these are the 10 most awesome body pillows we found.

Their lofty fill and plush fabric covers cradle and cushion the body comfortably. They also prevent rolling and are safe for women during the prenatal or postnatal stages of their pregnancy.

A new one will not only boost your quality of life but also your safety as well.

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