Best Electric Dirt Bike

Welcome to the home of the best electric dirt bike. Dirt Bikes are interesting animals, roaring through the rough tracks they bring out our pagan ancestral instincts to conquer the terrain. Electric Bikes are the softer purring versions of their more guttural cousins, the gas guzzling dirt bikes. The Best Electric Dirt bikes are quiet … Continue reading “Best Electric Dirt Bike”

Best Electric Bike Under 1000

Best Electric Bike under 1000 : Find the Best Electric Bikes under a 1000, the Best Value Electric Bike, the Best Budget Electric Bike, the Best ebike under 1000, the Best Cheap Electric Bike and the Most Affordable Electric Bike right here.Best Electric Bike under 1000In a hurry : Check out the top 3 Affordable Electric … Continue reading “Best Electric Bike Under 1000”

DJI’s $499 Spark Drone iPhone-connected easy and fun camera drone for everyone

The wait is over.  DJI has launched a new drone that works for the masses. Other Gadgets you might like Amazon Echo Best Car Audio Speakers Best Car Jumpstarters Best Electric Dirt Bikes Best Outdoor Wireless IP Camera Best Rechargeable AA Batteries Best Smart Fitness Watch Best Solar AA Battery Chargers Best Solar Chargers Best Solar Gate … Continue reading “DJI’s $499 Spark Drone iPhone-connected easy and fun camera drone for everyone”

Renogy Phoenix 20W Portable Solar Generator

The Renogy Phoenix 20W Portable Solar Generator is a new entrant to the crowded portable solar genset market. It is a new avatar of the earlier Renogy Firefly Portable unit. The Phoenix is a compact portable unit with inbuilt solar panels, a Lithium Polymer Battery and an advanced charged controller to make sure the battery is charged … Continue reading “Renogy Phoenix 20W Portable Solar Generator”

Solar Shingles : Should I buy the new Tesla Solar Roof Tiles?

Solar Shingles are here ! The Tesla Solar Shingles were recently launched with great fanfare by the magician from Silicon Valley : Elon Musk. The new solar roof from Tesla comes with great promise and is being touted as the next revolution to hit the solar shores. But wait, aren’t solar roof tiles already here? … Continue reading “Solar Shingles : Should I buy the new Tesla Solar Roof Tiles?”

Spinner Fidget Toy

The spinner fidget toy is not really a solar toy, so I am kind of sneaking this one in. That because it works off kinetic energy and that is clean and environment friendly like our favorite solar energy based solar motion toys. Its all over TV, on CNN  and if you haven’t seen one with … Continue reading “Spinner Fidget Toy”