5 Awesome Portable Generator Enclosures

Portable Generator EnclosurePortable Generator Enclosure

During this time of unpredictable weather conditions due to global warming, power outages are becoming more common. Protecting your Portable Generator with a portable generator enclosure has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Generators like any other machines deserve our attention and protection especially when they are being used so frequently.

See the best generator enclosures right here and also learn why they make such a good investment.

5 Reasons to buy a Generator Enclosure

Portable Generator Enclosure closedProtection from Weather Elements

Power outages usually come at times we least expect them, it is, therefore, necessary to protect the generator from extreme weather.

Snowstorms, heavy rains, wind, and other severe weather conditions can affect the performance of your generator.

If you love traveling in your SUV then you need to protect the generator since it will spend a good chunk of its time at the back of your vehicle.

Campers also understand the need of owning a generator enclosure since most of the time the generator is outside the camping tent.

Enclosure for Noise Reduction

If you live in urban area then you know an enclosure for your generator is a sure way of keeping the neighbors happy.

In rural areas, noise may not be a problem, but with small children, and sometimes for your peace of mind a portable generator enclosure comes in handy.

Finally, keeping the pristine outdoors silent is reason enough to have a generator enclosure while camping.

Mobility and Flexibility

A generator enclosure is something that offers flexibility when you have to move one of the heavier and less portable generators from one place to another.

And some Generator Enclosures with wheels provide additional convenience to those who love camping and enjoying some time away from home.

Additionally, it is fairly easy to assemble the generator and the enclosure at any location.

Keep off dirt, debris, and intruders

The primary purpose of buying a portable generator enclosure is to increase the lifespan and reduce the maintenance cost; A portable enclosure ensures that your generator is free from dirt and debris.

They also protect it from intruders causing damage to the equipment. A generator enclosure also reduces chances of accidents happening.

Cost Reduction

Generators that come with their mufflers tend to be quite expensive, it is, therefore, advisable to purchase a cheaper generator model with little modifications and separately purchase a portable generator enclosure on its own as a measure to reduce the cost.

Pros and Cons


1. Provides better ventilation
provides better ventilation as the enclosure does not block the ventilation, therefore, allows better air intake and therefore your generator’s motor won’t be choked, the heat generated is allowed to diffuse naturally in the enclosure.

2. Customization
Most manufacturers can customize your portable generator enclosure according, to the model you are using, some of the enclosures are adjustable for the convenience of the user.

3.Better camping experience
Reduced noise pollution, you enjoy a quiet camping experience, you are also assured that your generator will supply sufficient power even if there are any weather changes


1 Noise and air pollution
Despite the ability to prevent noise pollution, a portable generator enclosure does not block all the noise there is that ‘little” noise pollution. The enclosure does not prevent air pollution as the generator will still emit some carbon monoxide.

2. Extreme weather conditions
Flood water may get into your generator enclosure, therefore, affecting the performance of your generator. Extreme winds may also blow some parts of your enclosure if the generator is not large enough.

Top 3 portable generator enclosure on Amazon

Portable Generator EnclosureMicrofab Generator enclosure

Made of thick aluminum, it is one of the customer-centered models you will find; it provides the much-needed security for your generator.  The Aluminum is also coated to prevent corrosion. It comes with four mounting holes at the bottom for that extra security.

It is also easy to refuel as you can open the doors by the side as well as the top. The unit weighs just 235 pounds with dimensions of (43”  by  33” by 30”). See the Microfab Portable Generator enclosure on Amazon

Keter Store Horizontal Storage Shed

portable generator enclosure keterThis outdoor storage shed has a stylish wood-like texture, it is made of polypropylene plastic material and reinforced with steel to ensure durability.

It also has ample storage capacity to accommodate larger models of generators.  See the Keter Horizontal Shed right here.

Suncast Elements Outdoor Cabinet

Portable Generator Enclosure suncastMade of durable double-wall resin construction this generator enclosure provides maximum protection at all times, it is convenient, easy to store and clean.

With internal dimensions of 37-1/4 in. Width  17-1/2 in. Depth and 32-1/4 in. Height, the Suncast is nice and roomy for most portable generators.

See the Suncast Generator Casing here.

And if you are still not satisfied, here are some more Generator Enclosures that are popular on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1 Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed
Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed
231 Reviews
  • Constructed of durable double-wall resin, Reinforced floor for heavier items
  • 3-door locking system for security, Easy-lift lid with prop rod and front double-door access
  • Easy bolt assembly is secure and requires minimal tools, Primary Color: Vanilla, Doors: Stoney
  • Exterior Dimensions: 4 ft. 5 in. W x 2 ft. 8-1/4 in. D x 3 ft. 9-1/2 in. H; Interior Dimensions: 4 ft. 1 in. W x 2 ft. 4-1/4 in. D x 3 ft. 7 in. H
  • Door opening: 46-1/4 in. W x 40-1/4 in., Cu ft: 34, Sq ft: 10
Bestseller No. 2 GenTent 10K -Universal Kit - Standard Edition - 3000w-10000w Portable Generators - GreySkies Color
GenTent 10K -Universal Kit - Standard Edition - 3000w-10000w Portable Generators - GreySkies Color
76 Reviews
  • Safely run portable generator in nearly any wet weather
  • Universal fit* for most portable generators 3.5kW up to 10kW
  • Maintains portable generator's natural cooling
  • Keeps generator "portable"
  • Simple 3 Step Install
Bestseller No. 3 Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed, (70-cubic Feet)
Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed, (70-cubic Feet)
245 Reviews
  • Easy Open Lid With Gas Shocks
  • Large enough to hold two 96-gallon garbage containers
  • This product is manufactured in United States
  • Exterior Dimensions: 5 ft. 10-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 8-1/4 in. D x 4 ft. 4 in. H; Interior Dimensions: 5 ft. 5-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 2-1/2 in. D x 4 ft. 1-1/2 in. Interior Dimensions: 5 ft. 5-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 2-1/2 in. D x 4 ft. 1-1/2 in. H
  • Great for storing lawn and garden supplies and tools, smaller bicycles, patio cushions and more``zs
Bestseller No. 4 Keter Store-It-Out MAX 4.8 x 2.7 Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed
Keter Store-It-Out MAX 4.8 x 2.7 Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed
262 Reviews
  • Stylish wood-look texture in neutral colors to complement any home
  • Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement to ensure its durability
  • Storage capacity: 42 cu. ft.
  • Floor weight capacity: 30 PSF
  • Roof weight capacity: 15 PSF
SaleBestseller No. 5 Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed
Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed
303 Reviews
  • External dimensions: 51.2 in. W x 75.6 in. D x 78 in. H
  • Internal dimensions: 43.7 in. W x 69.7 in. D x 74.8 in. H
  • Storage capacity: 131.8 cu. ft.
  • Stylish wood-like texture will complement any home
  • Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement to ensure its durability
Bestseller No. 6 Portable Generator Enclosure (43"W x 33"D x 30"H)
Portable Generator Enclosure (43'W x 33'D x 30'H)
3 Reviews
  • Portable Generator Enclosure

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