Best Solar Spot Lights

No 1. UR Power Solar Spot Lights
No 1. UR Power Solar Spot Lights
9,451 Reviews
The quality of solar spotlights lies in the design of their lamps and panels.

Buying a cheap model with dim bulbs, a delicate stake, or an inefficient solar panel is a poor decision. URPOWER delivers better results. The two 4-LED spotlights you get have adjustable lamps. This enables you to shift the direction of light up and down to get your desired effect.

Solar panels are pre-installed, while their pointy plastic stakes penetrate loose and hard ground easily. Install a pair on your driveway worry-free. In total, each light can generate 200 lumens of clear white light, which boosts visibility.

Their rechargeable batteries have a 2-9 hour run time, while their photo-sensors save power. They switches light on/off automatically.

No 2. Magictec Solar Spotlights
No 2. Magictec Solar Spotlights
1,755 Reviews
Magictec is a pack of adjustable solar lights, each with four 50 lumen LEDs.

Whilst in use, the 200 lumens of light the two spotlights generate is sufficient for illuminating pools and walkways.

Made using all-weather plastic, these are durable lights. Stakes do not rot in the ground. Furthermore, heat, water, and harsh UV rays do not weaken their structure or compromise their outlook.

Magictec is solar powered. The lights have separate solar panels and rechargeable 2200mAh batteries that retain a charge for 10 hours.

No 3. VicTsing Solar Spotlights
No 3.  VicTsing Solar Spotlights
1,064 Reviews
This third-generation VicTsing solar spot light is ideal for landscaping and general lighting of paths and walkways.

Even though compact and simple looking, these lights work seamlessly. Each has four powerful 2-in-1 lights with 0.5w LED beads (50 lumens). You can adjust their intensity and or position (90 degrees up and down) for custom lighting.

The monocrystalline silicon solar panels on these solar spotlights are also top-grade. Their weather resistant designs can withstand rain, snow, or hail. They have good UV resistance.

Energy conversion (21%) is four times better than that of traditional solar panels (17%). Spotlights have photo sensing switches that turn lamps on an off automatically at dusk and dawn.

No 4. Brightown Upgraded
No 4.  Brightown Upgraded
62 Reviews
Brightown solar spotlights have a reputation of offering people years of memorable service because of their quality. This upgraded version is even better.

For a few dollars, you get two waterproof solar lights with upgraded solar panels. Made from an IP65-rated ABS material, the panels are leak proof. Moreover, exposed to searing heat their shells do not crack or buckle, as cheap ones do.

They also retain their efficiency over the years. In cities or states as Arizona and Alaska with harsh weather, these are the best solar panels to use. The high capacity battery (2200 mAh) and energy-saving (50 lumens) LEDs in these lights also stand out.

The former powers these lights for up to 10 hours every day after 5-8 hour of charging. The duration is dependent on mode of operation (off, dim (50 lumens), and high (200 lumens)).

No 5. Nekteck Garden Spotlight
No 5.  Nekteck Garden Spotlight
1,806 Reviews
Lanterns and outdoor lights are suitable for illuminating structures such as patios. However, they do not have a similar effect on large gardens with water fountains because of their scattered light.

In such situations, garden spotlights such as Nekteck deliver the best results. It generates a warm (2300K) beam of light (200 lumens), which can light up walls and or flowers on gardens from far. You can also use them to define walkways or to enhance the security of your home.

Do not be afraid to leave these solar spotlights outdoors. Made using weatherproof materials, their stakes, panels, and bulbs can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Both lamps also have an in-built photosensor, which controls how they light up your yard. Once set up, these lights switch on and off automatically in the evening and morning.

No 6. Aptoyu Solar Lights
No 6.  Aptoyu Solar Lights
734 Reviews
A few unique attributes have made Aptoyu a preferred brand of solar spotlights. The fact you can customize its light is notable.

In high light mode, for instance, you get maximum light (180 lumens) albeit with shorter battery life. However, to create a soothing ambiance, its low light mode works the best.

Due to their longevity, you will not think of buying a new pair of lights soon. Both solar lights remain functional when exposed to the rain and or UV rays. Cracking and leaking are non-issues.

However, staining might be unavoidable. Depending on the weather and angle of solar panels, batteries charge in 6-8 hours.

No 7. InnoGear Upgraded
No 7.  InnoGear Upgraded
1,381 Reviews
Have you slipped and injured yourself on your dark deck or secluded patio a few times? Do you have a hard time accessing your garage at night because of a dark walkway and or driveway?

InnoGear two-in-one spotlights can solve such issues. Each of the solar spot light that you get has a solar panel, a plastic stake, a 2200mAh lithium battery, and an adjustable lamp. The lamp, battery, and solar panel are watertight.

The stake is sturdy and has a pointed end that penetrates both loose and dry soil easily. Therefore, the installation of these lights is easy. InnoGear is a light-sensitive spot light. During sunny days, its system will shut down automatically to save battery power.

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No 9. Perfectwo Solar Spotlights
No 9.  Perfectwo Solar Spotlights
328 Reviews
Nothing is as satisfying as having a pair of solar lights showing off your fishpond or newly installed fountain. Unfortunately, this can be a total fail as well if you buy low-grade spotlights that are sensitive to heat, UV, or water.

Perfectwo should be your product of choice. Water and heat cannot damage its structure or electrical system. It is also a dependable multi-colored solar spot light for creating “drama” on lawns.

Fitted with an on/off sensor, it responds accurately to light. Its rechargeable lithium battery (2200 mAh) powers it for up to 10 hours.

No 10. LITOM Upgraded
No 10.  LITOM Upgraded
1,275 Reviews
LITOM is an FCC, RoHS, CE, .MSDS, and UN38.3-certified-safe solar spot light for landscaping.

Solar panels come built into the heads of these lamps. Although this boosts its longevity, you cannot adjust the angle of solar panels to maximize energy conversion.

Each light has 12 LEDs (600 lumens in total) and a lithium battery that lasts for 12 hours in low light mode. In high mode, you get six hours of ambient light. Parts are waterproof (1P67), under a warranty (90 days), and designed to work well on pathways or decks.

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