How to Choose a Backpacking Solar Charger

backpacking solar charger

Are you one of the rare, adventurous hikers left in this world? Are you ready to hike as the seasons change, as the world changes, as technology changes?

A 2018 poll of people 18-29 reveals that 12.3% of those people are hikers. It’s safe to say that hikers are a rare breed. They have to face the elements. Nature. Potential danger. Themselves.

With advances in technology comes amazing products. Imagine hiking for days to weeks at a time with no cell phone. Not only is that not plausible, it’s not that safe, either.

So for those hikers who want their phones for photos, notes, or checkups, how do you stay charged in the wild? It’s not like the trees will be providing outlets.

To which we present you: the backpacking solar charger. A way to stay connected, even when you’re trying to get lost.

Here’s how to find the best one for you.

Choosing the Perfect Backpacking Solar Charger: An Adventurer’s Guide

There are many factors to consider in this decision:

  • What do you need to charge? Cell phone? Camera?
  • What are the weather conditions? Will there be sunlight?
  • How big do you want your solar panel? How flexible? How heavy?
  • How long is your hike?

If you want to bring your electronics, you’re going to need a solar charger. It’s the most accessible energy source you can get out in the wild. Until you stop in civilization, the sun is your friend.

Let’s address some of these factors.

Solar Panel Size

This is arguably one of the most important factors in your purchasing decision.

If your hiking area has low sunlight, then the bigger the better. The bigger your panels, the more effective they are in collecting electricity. But, panels are still viable in Northern climates. Energy generation varies less than 30% across the country.

If you’re hiking with other people, you may need to splurge on bigger panels to produce more energy.

Are you trying to hike in a specific time frame? Larger panels charge quicker. Smaller panels will set you back in hours.

Solar Panel Material

As a hiker, you know that the lighter-weight an object is, the easier it will be to carry. When choosing a solar panel charger, consider the weight, size, and flexibility. Determine early on where your panel will go in your backpack – that way you know what size to get.

Solar Panel Wattage

The amount of wattage you’ll need is easily determined by a Solar Calculator. A default value for one solar panel is 100 watts. The higher the watt number, the more electricity gets collected.

Wattage determines how much electricity you’ll be producing. This will help determine what you can or can’t bring on your hike.

Now Get to Hiking

The amount of solar items seems to be growing by the day. We have an infinite number of ways to gather the sun’s energy. From the backpacking solar charger to the solar backpack, what will they think of next?

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Do you want to hike without sacrificing your connection to the outside world? This is one solution. After all, a phone offers access to safety, news, a light, and a camera! And that’s to name a few.

Are you in the market for some more backpacking power?  Perhaps a Solar Backpacking Charger just does not give you the power and mojo you like on your long trips outdoors.

Then a  Portable Solar Generator might be your best choice.

There is so much you can do with Solar. Don’t forget to check out other interesting article on our Blog.

Author: Michelle P

Michelle is a journalist with over 15 years of experience writing on the environment and technology. She writes for numerous leading publications both online and in print.