Battery Generators : Best Battery Generator Buying Guide

Battery Generator : A Battery Generator is a Portable Battery Powered Outlet. It is a Battery surrounded by an outer casing of electronics.  

Portable Battery Outlet : Battery Generators are a Portable unit usually with AC Power outlets, USB outlets and DC power outlets that can supply power to smart phones, laptops, Tablets and CPAP machines.

Best Battery Generators

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Battery Generator Renogy Phoenix

Power Generator Battery : The battery inside the Power Generator is usually a Lithium Ion or an AGM battery.

Charging your Battery Generator :  You have to keep the internal battery charged for you to enjoy the benefits of having a Portable Battery Outlet.

Best Battery Generators : In the next section we go inside the Battery Generator. However, for the impatient, here are the top Battery Generators in the market today.

You can charge the battery directly from a wall outlet. Some Battery Generators can also be charged using a Car Charging outlet or Solar Panels.  

So, don't be surprised if someone refers to your Battery Generator as a Portable Solar Generator.

The Battery inside the Battery Generator is a DC energy Source. The DC power from the Battery has to be transformed into AC before you can use it as a Portable Battery Outlet

Inside a Battery Generator

Charge Controller :  Every Battery Generator has an inbuilt Charge Controller. This charge controller keeps your the inbuilt Battery of your Battery Generator in top shape. It prevents overcharging or over discharging and ensures you get the longest possible life for the battery.

Inverter :  Another essential component of a Battery Generator is the Inverter. This controls the conversion of your Battery's DC energy into usable AC power though the Portable Battery Outlet's AC plugs. 

Power Generator Battery : The Charge Controller, The Inverter and the Battery are all artfully designed into a compact power generator battery unit that is easy to carry around. The external outputs including the AC outlets, USB outlets and DC outputs are all neatly aligned on one side and the inputs for charging are usually in a separate area of the Battery Generator.  

Click on these links if you want to learn more about  Inverters or  Charge Controllers

Battery Generator : Comparison Table

ModelWattageBatteryWeight (lbs)PriceReview
Battery Generator Kalisaya KP601Kalisaya KP601558 watts38 Ah Lithium13 lbs$599.00Review
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Battery Generator jackery 500Jackery 500W500 watts140 Ah Lithium12.5 lbs$599.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Suaoki 400Suaoki 400444 watts20 Ah Li Ion12.3 lbs$406.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Anker PowerhouseAnker Powerhouse434 watts120 AH Lithium9.26 lbs$499.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator goal zero yeti 400 lithiumGoal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium428 watts39.6 Ah Li, 10.8V16 lbs$479.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Goal Zero Yeti 400Goal Zero Yeti 400400 watts33 Ah AGM29 lbs$639.95Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Kalisaya KP401Kalisaya KP401384 watts26 Ah Lithium13 lbs$399.00Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Chafon 364Chafon 346346 watts31 Ah Lithium7.43 lbsfrom $459.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator amsu 500wAmsu 330WH330 watts330 Ah AGM6.7 lbsPrice not availableReview
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator ChargeTechChargeTech Plug250 watts54 Ah Lithium4.8 lbs$315.00Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Renogy PhoenixRenogy Phoenix240 watts16.8 Ah Lithium12.8 lbs$469.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Suaoki 200WSuaoki 200220 watts20 Ah AGM5.5 lbs$188.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Poweradd Charge CenterPowerAdd Charge Center185 watts18.65 Ah2.8 lbs$149.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Goal Zero 150 Yeti InverterGoal Zero Yeti 150150 watts14 Ah AGM12 lbs$159.99Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Hans 150Hans 150 Lithium Power Station150 watts18 Ah Lithium7 lbs$329.00Review
Buy at Amazon
Battery Generator Solar Oak 100SolarOak 100W100 watts42 Ah Lithium3.5 lbs$179.99Review
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What Size Battery Generator do you need?

While deciding on the  best battery generator : you need to decide on the correct size for your needs. Every generator is rated for power output.

The smallest battery generators start at 100 watts and they go up all the way to around 600 watts. The comparison chart above lists the most popular and reliable models and has links to reviews as well.

portable solar generators bulb

Battery Generators larger than 600 watts are in the heavy duty range. Many manufacturers like to present them as portable solar generators.

However, they are difficult to lug around as the bigger size of batteries and hardware make them easier to keep and maintain in one place rather than have them move around with you during your camping trips.

But if you want to look at all the options, a complete list of  solar generators starting from the portable and going up to the heavy duty solar generators are available in this comprehensive listing of all solar generator sizes.

Battery Generator Size Calculator

STEP 1.    Look  at the table below and make a list of everything you would want your Portable Battery Outlet to power

While you are selecting the appliances you want to power,  keep in mind that portable battery outlets are good only for smaller devices and appliances. For larger appliances, you should either consider Heavy Duty Solar Generators or  a Standby Generators which can power your entire home

Once you have decided on your list of devices, scroll down to SETP 2 .

ApplianceRunning WattsStarting WattsApplianceRunning WattsStarting Watts
String Lights200Light 60W600
Phone Charger15032″ LED TV60100
Tablet500Inflator Pump5050
EssentialsRunning WattsStarting WattsEssentialsRunning WattsStarting Watts
XBox1500DVD Player3500
Mini Fridge60032″ LED TV500
Desktop Computer5000Blender350500
Elec Can Opener1700CPAP Machine2750

STEP 2.    Now to size the portable battery generator ?

Lets look at the list of devices or appliances you selected in Step 1. Here is an example of what your list might look like :

ApplianceRunning WattsStarting Watts
Mini Fridge600
Phone Charger150
ADD Running Watts of all your appliances  50 + 60 +250  + 50 +  15 = 425 watts
Choose the appliance with the largest Starting Watts, in this case it is 0 starting watts.  Thus Surge watts  =  Running watts = 425 watts
Your BATTERY GENERATOR needs to be produce at least 425 watts  – with a surge capacity** of  425 watts.

The Portable Battery Outlet  Sizing Calculator says you need a 425 watts generator with surge capacity of 425 watts.  Your choice is thus narrowed down to the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium or Anker Powerhouse 400 or Suaoki 400 or Jackery 500 or the Kalisaya KP601.

** Surge Watts or Surge Capacity of most Power Generator Batteries are the same as their power capacity unless  surge watts are specifically mentioned. For example since the Suaoki 400 has a power capacity of 444 watts, its surge capacity is also 444 watts.

Don’t worry about surge watts if you are looking only at Battery Generators. 

Here are the top-selling Battery Generators on the market  :

Kalisaya KP601

Battery Generator Kalisaya KP601

15 Reviews


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Kalisaya KP 601 Battery Generator with 40 watt Solar Panel INCLUDED

The Kalisaya KP601 is a Battery Generator Kit with a 40 watt Solar Panel included in your purchase. 

The KP601 is very useful for the Camper and the Hiker since the kit is in an easy to carry 13 lb box with everything neatly packed in.  

The kit has 2 DC outputs which can deliver 10 amps of current, more than adequate for most DC applications. No AC outputs, thought ! 

4 High speed USB ports to charge all your Ipads and Androids. It has very significant power storage at 558 watt hours, thanks to its advanced Lithium batteries. This will last days on end if you are camping out.

The Solar Panels are foldable and at 40 watts of output they will easily top up the batteries, though to charge it from scratch to 100% would take two 12 to 14 hours. 

You can charge it with a Cigarette Lighter charger or directly with AC as well. This unit comes highly recommended with the only caveat that it does not have AC outputs.

KP 601: Customer Review

Kevin M,  AZ : The KP601 is perfect for my needs : The Battery Generator charges our cell phones and tablets for over a week. It powers my LED light  for a few weeks without  a recharge and it an excellent battery back-up for my amateur radio.

The KP601 Battery Generator does not have AC outlets – which is great as it reduces the weight of the unit. An external 12 volt inverter is the way to go – just $30 for my one.  DC to AC inverter built into the pack. Kudo’s.

The solar panels provide ample charging power and I can use  a 12 volt fan or refrigerator, with the KP601. And its a really good looking portable solar power generator.

Suaoki 400

Battery Generator Suaoki 400

103 Reviews


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Suaoki 400 -  Battery Generator - Quiet 300 watt steady AC power with 444 watt hour capacity. 

Suaoki makes quality Battery Generators and the Suaoki 400 is no exception. Lithium Batteries deliver upto 300 watts of pure sine wave AC output.

The 444 watt hours of capacity gives you enough power to last a few days. In addition it boast of two 12 volt DC ports, Four USB ports to charge mobile devices and a cigarette lighter socket for your mini air compressor or Mini Fridge.  And as a bonus you have a jump starter port for a standard 4 door sedans

Solar Panels will have to be procured separately, but you can always charge directly from a wall socket or using a car cigarette lighter charger.

The Large LCD Screen with charge, discharge and battery status plus easy to read Buttons with indicators to change power supply are thoughtful and user friendly.

Suaoki has a 2 year warranty and the unit has Software Battery Management System that controls current, voltage and temperature for device and battery generator protection.

It has a 12.3 lb Sturdy Plastic build with easy carry handle and aluminum alloy shell.

Anker 400w

The Anker Powerhouse 400 portable AC Power Supply cum Battery Generator is in a league of its own.

This pint-sized battery-powered generator is a monster in disguise. Its new generation high-efficiency lithium-ion battery makes it super light without losing any power. Add an external panel and voila, you have a monster portable battery power system.

A champion battery-powered generator that can power a small fridge or a CPAP machine with ease.

Battery Generator Anker Powerhouse 400

120 Reviews


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Anker Powerhouse 400 -  Battery Generator with 120 watts AC power and 434 watt hour capacity. 

The Anker Powerhouse is just 9.26 pounds and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

That incredible size to power ratio makes the Anker Powerhouse 400 a winner in this Battery Generators line up. 

One 120 watt  pure Sine wave AC output,  two 12 V DC Ports for lighting and other devices, Four fast charging USB ports to charge mobile devices and a  cigarette lighter socket for your Mini Fridge or Mini Air compressor 

Anker is a powerhouse brand backed by over 10 million users. This battery generator has an 18 month warranty plus a protective Battery Management System (BMS) to control current, voltage and temperature for complete device and Battery Generator protection.

The Anker PowerHouse Battery Generator kit comprises of the  434Wh Portable Power Supply,  a 10ft  AC adapter to charge the battery,  a 2ft Micro USB charging cable, a welcome guide and friendly customer support.

Anker 400 Customer Review

Dude @ MI : The Anker Battery Generator ran my Respironics Auto 50 series CPAP without the humidifier for 8 hours on the AC plug. The Anker Powerhouse used 6 hours of capacity and still had 24 hours of charge left on it. I ran a small fan, the CPAP and charged my phone and the unit ran for 10 hours.

But, when I tried it using a DC adaptor, instead of running it off the Anker’s AC outlet, it used just 1 hour of charge.  Amazing I can use the Anker now as a Power Backup source.  

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium

Battery Generator Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium

65 Reviews


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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium  -  Battery Generator  - Steady 300 watts AC power with 1200 watt surge -  428 watt hour capacity. 

The Yeti 400 Lithium is a new battery generator from Goal Zero, the makers of excellent Solar and Battery Generators.

Designed with power and portability in mind this 16 pound unit can deliver 300 watts of Pure Sine wave power through 2 AC outputs.

And it has a huge 1200 watts of AC surge power (that's the initial jolt of extra power required to start some AC Tools).  Mind you, it will only run Tools that consume 300 watts or less in regular use.  ​

Add one  12 V DC Ports for lighting, three fast charging USB ports to charge mobile devices and a cigarette lighter socket for Mini Fridge or Mini Air compressor, viola you have a powerful Battery Generator Solution in the Yeti 400 Lithium. 

US based Goal Zero Customer Support with 12 month warranty are added benefits and its 428 watt hour power capacity makes it a great mid sized Battery Generator.

Battery Generator : Goal Zero Yeti 400

Battery Generator goal zero yeti 400

398 Reviews


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Goal Zero Yeti 400   -  Battery Generator Kit - Steady 300 watts AC power with 600 watt surge -  396 watt hour capacity. 

This is the precursor of the 400 Lithium. The Yeti 400 is powered by AGM batteries which makes it heavier (29.6 pound).

But, that's not necessarily all bad as the price tag is significantly lower. Power capacity is more than adequate at 396 watt hours.

It has a plethora of outputs : 2 Pure Sine wave AC outputs at steady 300 watts  / One  12 V DC Ports for lighting / Three fast charging USB ports to charge mobile devices/ A cigarette lighter socket for Mini Fridge or Mini Air compressor

Backed by US based Goal Zero Customer Support and a 6 month warranty, this has been a long time favorite with Campers and Outdoor enthusiasts.

If you are willing to take care of its AGM battery by not overcharging it, and making sure it is used often, you will have one very reliable battery generator.

Kalisaya KP401

Battery Generator Kalisaya KP 401

23 Reviews


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Kalisaya KP 401 Battery Generator - with 40 watt Solar Panel INCLUDED -  Complete Portable Solar Power Solution

The Kalisaya KP401 is an exact clone of the KP601, except that is has a lower capacity 384 watt hour battery, compared to the 558 watt hour battery with the KP 601. i

And like the KP601 it is a complete Battery Generator Kit with an included 40 watt foldable Solar Panel. 

Everything packs easily into an easy to carry 13 lb briefcase.  It even has bluetooth connectivity. The only drawback is the lack on an AC output. 

But on a camping trip or outdoors the two DC outputs which deliver 10 amps and the four High speed USB ports to charge all your devices should prove more than adequate.  

You can charge it with a Cigarette Lighter charger or directly with AC as well. This unit comes highly recommended with the only caveat that it does not have AC outputs.

Best Battery Powered Generator : Chafon 346

Battery Powered Generator: The Chafon 346 Portable Battery Generator with its powerful 346 watt Lithium Ion battery makes the grade as our top choice for Battery Powered Generator.

The Chafon 346 Battery Powered Generator is a combination Solar Charge Controller, Lithium Battery and Inverter integrated as a mobile portable battery generator. Perfect as an Battery powered AC outlet for your camping, RV, Marine or backpacking trips.

Battery generator Chafon 346

250 Reviews

from $459.99

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Chafon 346   -  Battery Generator  - Steady 500 watts AC power with 1000 watt surge -  346 watt hour capacity. 

The Boombox sized 7.6 pound Chafon 346 has been blitzing the Battery Generator market.  Light weight and Powerful with increasingly positive word of mouth, the Chafon 346 is ringing up the sales.  

The Lithium ion Battery belts out over 500 watts of steady AC power with an instantaneous surge capacity of 1000 watts. 

The 500 watts of AC power allow you to power many high power tools which other Battery Generators are not able to support. 

With 346 watt hours of capacity, it will not be able to power bigger tools for long; perhaps 20 to 30 minutes. 

But with its four  12 V DC Ports and four fast charging USB ports this will last for a few days on a regular camping trip.

The Emergency Car Jump Starter and Emergency Light and in-built battery protection circuits round out a very capable Battery Generator.

Chafon 346 Customer Review

Doug Green, NV :  Compact Light weight. Good design and Looks. Charges Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops easily.  Charging from a 110 volt outlet is fast and the unit is sturdy. It can run a TV and a Fan has a Car jumper function, which is great for  road trips and camping. Solar Panel Charging is also efficient. This will be my emergency power backup to run a small TV, Laptop, phones etc,. until the power is restored

ChargeTech 250 Battery Generator

Battery Generator ChargeTech

70 Reviews


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Charge Tech 250 External Power Bank for Laptops,Cameras and more. 

Charge Tech 250 External Power Bank for Laptops,Cameras.." description="The ChargeTech 250 watt Portable AC Outlet is about the size of a large cereal box. It's pretty light at about 3 pounds.

This Battery Generator has 2 AC output plugs that can deliver a maximum of 250 watts. However, it will run out in about half an hour if you continue to draw this load.

This portable battery generator is great for recharging laptops, running boomboxes, CPAP machines, and similar lower load devices. Tools etc will only last a short while provided their output requirement is below 25o watts.

Charging Tablets and Smart Phones is easy using 2 fast charging USB ports and 1 USB C output for heavier load USB devices. This is a great companion for a long day trip or while traveling overseas on a plane.

 Jackery 500W

Jackery 500 Medium Sized Battery Generator
Jackery 500 Medium Sized Battery Generator
49 Reviews
The Jackery 500 watt Battery Generator is the size of a small boombox, about 12 inches by 10 inches.

At 12 and a half pounds, it weighs a little less than 2 one gallon milk bottles. It's fairly small and easy to carry on a camping trip.

It has a single 110V AC outlet that's good for appliances up to 300W. A cigarette lighter socket, two 12 volt DC outlets and two high-speed USB ports.

The Jackery can power a TV for around 3 hours, will recharge your laptop 4 to 5 times and it will run small appliances like a mini refrigerator or CPAP machine for a couple of days.

Schumacher Storm 700W

Schumacher Storm 700 watt Medium Sized Battery Generator
Schumacher Storm 700 watt Medium Sized Battery Generator
6 Reviews
The Schumacher 700 watt Battery Generator is powered by an AGM battery. With a very respectable battery capacity of  660 watt hour and a steady AC output of 700 watts  Pure Sine wave power, this is a fairly well-endowed battery generator, though a little heavy at 58 pounds.

Customer Reviews are a little weak, very likely because of the AGM batteries not performing up to their rated capacity.

However, the build of the unit, wheels for easy transportation, design, display,  ability to power small machine tools with its two AC outlets and 2 high speed USB outputs  plus a DC 12 volt output give this battery generator all the requisite features you need.

Check the latest reviews and if reviews have turned positive, I would recommend this based on its impressive specs and high power capacity.

Renogy Phoenix – a WINNER

Renogy Phoenix Brief Case Sized Battery Generator with in built Solar Panels
Renogy Phoenix Brief Case Sized Battery Generator with in built Solar Panels
107 Reviews
The Phoenix has won awards for its slick design and integrated technology. With a high efficiency 20 watt mono Renogy panel to power it, this is theoretically as Solar Powered Battery Generator that can run continuously.

For true grid independence you would be better served by adding more solar panels (100 watts max ).  The briefcase sized Phoenix is light at about 13 pounds.

The internal Lithium battery has a capacity of 210 watt hours and is able to deliver 150 watts of AC power through its single 110 volt AC outlet. In addition, you have 4 high-speed USB ports and 2 DC outlets.

Positive Word of mouth and great reviews for this unit have been growing and this is now officially a BEST SELLER. A little pricey, but with in-built Solar Panels, excellent design and high quality workmanship you have a winner in your hands.

Aeiusny 288WH

Aeiusny 288 Wh Battery Generator
Aeiusny 288 Wh Battery Generator
233 Reviews
The Aeiusny 288 Wh Battery Generator is very similar to the very popular Chafon 346 you saw earlier.  Slightly lighter at 7 pounds, the Aeiusny has a marginally smaller 288 watt hour battery.

Excellent AC power capability with 500 watts of power available through 3 AC 110 volt 3 pronged receptacles. AC power is clean pure sine wave that is great for all electronic devices.

In addition, you have 4 high-speed USB ports,  four DC 12 volt outlets , an  Led flashlight and a  Car jump starter.

Good Reviews make this a good choice for your next RV or camping trip. Solar Panel will be additional, though charging using your wall AC plug is easy enough and takes around 7 to 8 hours.

Winner Battery Generator : Suaoki 200

WINNER WINNER WINNER : The Suaoki 200 is our winner in the sub 400 watt portable AC battery outlet category. This category comprises of the smaller battery powered generators i.e. with power capacity below 400 watt hours.

The Suaoki wins by a whisker primarily due to its very strong power to weight ratio, its cool looks and terrific customer reviews on Amazon. It narrowly pipped the Paxcess 100 and the Goal Zero Yeti 150 which were the other two finalists in this category of battery generators.

Suaoki 200 watt Hour Portable Battery
Suaoki 200 watt Hour Portable Battery
141 Reviews
Another winner from the Suaoki stable, the 200 watt hr Suaoki 200 Battery Generator is a tried and tested product.

Super light at just 5.5 lbs, the Suaoki 200 does not lack in power. It's 2 AC 110 volt 3 prong output ports produce a steady 200 watts of pure sine wave AC. And it has 3 more regular USB ports and 2 DC 12(v) ports.

The boxy handle and indicator lights out this Lithium battery powered Suaoki 150 Battery Generator.

Suaoki 200 Customer Review

Ham User, RI : I picked the Suaoki 200 Battery Generator because it is the only combo Battery, cigarette lighter charger, USB charger, AC Power Supply  that also has a high power EC5 connector on the side.  More expensive Yeti models don’t have it.  The EC5 is the best bet for a HF radio or  mobile VHF/UHF  (50 watts or more) radios. 
A 2 year warranty and the EC5 that works all the time whether the unit is powered on or off. The Inverter /AC plug can start a small motor and run a desk top computer loads.

You can charge it using the  12V car charger (keep the engine on). The  backlight on the display is a great touch. There is slight RF noise on the power supply. Overall an A+

Best Portable AC Power Supply : Goal Zero Yeti 150

Portable AC Power Supply: The Goal Zero Yeti 150 with its 168 Watt battery is the most popular Portable AC Power Supply in the market.

Superb design, multiple power outlets including AC, DC and USB and terrific looks combine with easy portability to make the Yeti 150 our top choice for Best Portable AC Power Supply.

Consider adding a couple of solar panels to this Portable AC Power Supply to turn this into your perfect Portable Solar Power System.

This sturdy little Battery Generator will serve you well as an AC Power Supply for your camping, RV, Marine or backpacking trips.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Battery Generator
Goal Zero Yeti 150 Battery Generator
335 Reviews
This has been Goal Zero's most popular model. The hardy AGM battery powered Yeti 150 has been around forever.

With over 300 reviews and a solid 4 star rating, the Goal Zero Yeti is a perennial favorite.

The 150 watt hour Yeti 150 supports one AC outlet that produces a steady 80 watts of modified sine wave AC power. It also has 2 USB ports and 3 DC 12(v) ports.

It slightly heavier than its peers at 12 lb because of its 168 watt hour AGM battery. Great design and excellent support make this Goal Zero product a winner.

Paxcess 100W

Paxcess 100 watt Battery Generator
Paxcess 100 watt Battery Generator
434 Reviews
One of the the smallest in this round up, the 150 watt hour Paxcess 150 is just 3.5 lb thanks to its Lithium Battery.

Its 2 110 volt AC output ports produces a steady 100 watts of modified sine wave AC. 2 regular USB ports and 2 DC 12(v) ports round out the output ports.

A great choice for a no frills very light low power portable solar generator.

NEW Battery Generator: Hans 150W

Hans 150 with integrated Solar panel
Hans 150 with integrated Solar panel
1 Reviews
The Hans 150 is very new in the market. They have entered with fanfare boasting of a 12 year warranty and an integrated solar panel.

The 4.5 watt solar panel is slightly underpowered and takes 33 hours to charge the 144 watt hour Lithium battery. You might like to get additional solar panels.

It has one 2.4 amp USB port and a 12 V DC port. An included adaptop from the DC port gives you two more USB ports.

It is missing an AC output port. The 2 watt LED light is a nice touch. Because of the steep price tag,the Jury is out on this one.

NEW : SolarOak 100W

SolarOak Portable Generator Battery Pack Power Supply Solar Energy Storage Charged by 100W Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car with Dual110V AC Outlet,USB Ports5V/3A,DC Ports 9~12.6V/15A(150Wh/42,000mAh)
SolarOak Portable Generator Battery Pack Power Supply Solar Energy Storage Charged by 100W Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car with Dual110V AC Outlet,USB Ports5V/3A,DC Ports 9~12.6V/15A(150Wh/42,000mAh)
19 Reviews
The SolarOak Battery Generator is relatively new and has entered the market as a low cost value product. It is powered by 150 watt hour Lithium batteries.

The size of a small boombox, the 3.5 pound SolarOak produces 100 watts of modified sine wave output through 2 AC ports. It also has 3 high speed USB ports and 3 DC 12 volt ports.

A cigarette charger adaptor is part of the kit as well. Wait and Watch the reviews : the specifications are good if they are backed by quality.

Best Portable AC Power Pack

The PowerAdd Charge Center Fast Charging Portable AC Power Pack. Small size at just 2.8 pounds. Very capable. Very Popular on Amazon.

PowerAdd Charge Center

PowerAdd Charge Center
PowerAdd Charge Center
115 Reviews
Powered by a 185 watt hour Lithium Battery the PowerAdd Charge Center is a relatively new entrant that has quickly picked up customer plaudits.

Light weight and small, the approximately 5 by 4 by 4 inch Battery generator is the size of a large box of Waffles and not much heavier at 2.8 pounds.

Good Looks and decent power : 100 watt AC output, a cigarette lighter charger output and 3 fast USB charging ports plus 1 USB C charging port.

Best Portable Batteries : Top 3 Portable Batteries

Here are the top rated Portable Batteries available on the Amazon Market Place.  Click on this image  see to the Top 3 Portable Batteries.

Iforway Portable Solar Generator

Click Image to See Top 3 Portable Batteries

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