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Best Solar Backpacks 2018

The best solar backpacks in the market have made the outdoors a little more connected thanks to the their ability to keep us connected wherever and whenever thanks to the power of the sun.  Integrated solar panels in your backpack mean you get to keep your smart phone, GPS or other wearable device fully charged through your entire trip to the middle of no where and back.

The ubiquitous nature of electronic devices today means we need to have the ability to charge at any time and anywhere. Battery packs are a a boon is such situations. The best solar backpacks are a great way not only to keep the battery packs charged but also those pesky devices. With the sun at your back you no longer need to worry about charging or suddenly being out of power. Just make sure your choice amongst the best solar backpacks comes with a battery pack. Otherwise you should consider buying the additional battery pack.If you like biking or hiking or have a passion for some  extended Pokemon Go playing you probably want to make sure your device lasts.  With the best solar backpacks  the energy of the sun is at your service to  keep that tablet, phone, GPS, flashlight, radio, digital camera, GoPro or any other electrical device ready to go at all times.

There is a strong correlation between the pricing and the fabric durability and quality. Hence, set your expectations accordingly.



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ImageBackpackWattageBatteryWeight (lbs)PriceReview
Zuoao7 w10,000 mah3.3PricesRead Review
Howo7 w10,000 mah3.3PricesRead Review
AyyieNone10,000 mah1PricesRead Review
ECEEN3.5 w2,000 mah1PricesRead Review
Enerplex3 w10,000 mah1.7PricesRead Review
Ivation7 w10,000 mah3PricesRead Review
ECEEN7 w10,000 mah2.65PricesRead Review
ECEEN7 w10,000 mah3.3PricesRead Review
ECEEN10 w10,000 mah2.7PricesRead Review

The best solar backpacks: what should you look for?

An ideal solar backpack should have a battery backpack. This is your fast charging unit. The solar backpack will have solar panels which can be used to charge your devices. However, charging directly from the panels is slow as the power output from the backpack panels is low. Its very efficient to keep that backpack charged and topped up at all times. But for the quick recharger – head for your battery pack.

A 10,000mAh (or 10 W) battery pack is hefty enough to charge your iPad a couple of times and it wont be too heavy. It should be able to charge your smartphone 5 or 6 times easily. If you solar backpack does not include a battery backpack, its a good investment to make. Also make sure it is a dual port charger.

A 7W solar panel is good enough to charge the battery pack in about 10 hours of sunlight.  Since the battery pack does not get fully discharged, the solar panel is more than able to to top it up every day. Higher wattage panels will charge the battery pack faster but size and price considerations may out weight those benefits.  Don’t give up on a higher power panel if you can comfortably fit it on your back.   Panel  technology is getting better each year and the size and weight of panels are on a slow downward spiral.

On a regular sunny day the solar panels on the backpack will get enough sun to charge your battery pack easily.  This is a blessing and keeps you ready to charge up when you end your ride or walk. If your plan is to rest and enjoy the outdoor scenery, just make sure your backpack solar panels face the sun. If you can, tilt the panels to about a 45-degree angle to the sun’s rays as that increases the amount of energy available to the panel for conversion into electricity. Keep a microfiber cloth handy if you can. Its ok to use a rag too, but microfiber will pick up the dirt and dust better and this will prevent the solar panels on your backpack from pitting and thus degrading over time.

And last but not the least, make sure the kit is water proof or water resistant at the least. Fortunately, most solar panels are rugged and weather resistant. Its the backpack which needs to be water resistant for your electronic devices and your battery pack. Some extra protection from dirt and shock is also good to have. So there you have all the characteristics for contenders for the best solar backpacks.

Convert an existing Backpack?

Already have a really nice backpack and you just want to add  solar charging capability without having to buy a new backpack?  Sure, its easy to get external panels and attach them to your backpack. Make sure the panels have  clamps to attach to the  backpacks.  In face these panels can also be hung on tents, trees or other surfaces making it easy to charge your battery while you walk, ride or relax. This is a good way to get going unless you are looking for a completely new backpack. Check out these options for solar panels for your backpack.

Solar Backpack Reviews

Zuoao Solar Charger Internal Frame Backpack

The Zuoao Solar Charger Backpack boast of a TCS bearing system that reduces the inertial momentum of the backpack: or in lay terms, the backpack shakes cause less wear and tear on your shoulders while you trudge on that long distance hike. The backpack uses thick sponge and EVA foam material, to slow the bearing pressure and impact on your back and shoulders and is supported by a frame made from strong Tisco manganese steel. .

The cover straps are made of  fabric that is cool and comfortable to the touch. The material is breathable and this ensures there is maximum air circulation for greater comfort.

The backpack fabric is waterproof for a short duration to give you enough time to avoid rainwater penetration. The fiber is called Ripstop Nylon Fabric. The USB charging port is powerful enough for   a GPS tablet, or a smartphone, or an iPod. The 5V USB port has protective voltage sability control to prevent unstable or damaging currents.

The backpack is perfect for iPhone, Samsung & other smart phones, External Battery Packs, GPS systems, MP3 Players, Bluetooth Speakers,Power Back and any other 5V eletronic devices. The 7 Watt solar panel powers the included 10000 mAh Battery Pack. You have a  2L hydration bladder This is amongst the largest solar backpacks available with an internal volume of 45 liters. The combination of a powerful solar panel, high capacity battery pack, hydration pack and TCS bearing system for comfort make this a formidable solar backpack.

10,000 mAH Li Polymer battery pack
Size – 4.72 x 12.99 x 17.72 inches
5V USB port
3.3 lb
7 W solar panel
Fast Charging High Efficiency Panel
45 Litres volume

HOWO Outdoor Commuter Solar Backpack 

Howo outdoor commuter solar backpack
The Howo outdoor commuter solar backpack has very stylish design that sets it apart from other solar backpacks. Its inbuilt solar panel is high efficiency boasting of 22% solar conversion and is rated at 6.5 Watts making it a reasonably power proposition.  However, it does not come with a battery bank. The LEVIN battery pack reviewed after this unit would be the ideal companion to this solar backpack.

Its rigid frame and light weight make it a good choice for the casual outdoor solar backpack. You could use it to charge your smartphone or gps unit, however you will not be able to charge a tablet as the power output from its standard USB port will take too long to charge the tablet.

This Howo solar backpack is sporty and is a good accessory when at the beach or in the playground. Its great to carry with you if you are lightly loaded and plan to stay outdoor for a full day and not worry about keeping your phone charged and ready..The unit is  rain resistant and not water proof. It will be a good choice if you are looking for a small sized solar backpack that is not too expensive. It will disappoint you if you don’t buy a standard backpack along with this unit as  solar panel charging is rather slow and having a portable charger like the Levin 6000 AH battery pack will make it perfect.

No Battery Pack
Standard USB ports
Size :  4.5 x 9.7 x 14.5 inches
Light 1.8 pounds
6.5 W solar panel
High Efficiency Solar Panel
2 L Hydration Pack

Ayyie Dual USB Port 10000mAh Portable Solar Panel Charger 

Ayyie 10000mah solar battery packThis is the cheapest entry in our list of best solar backpacks at around $20 at the time of writing this review. As you can see it is not a backpack, but a charger that you can carry with your regular backpack. It looks and weights about as much as a smart phone. It has a small inbuilt solar panel which charges the unit. Beware thought the solar panel charges the battery really really slowly. Its best to charge the unit prior to your trip and keep this unit as an emergency backup. With its newer improved 10000 mAh battery pack its good to charge a smartphone 10 times.  Its awesome because of its small size, but the tiny solar panel can take upto several days of being in the sun to fully charge the battery pack.  So, stick this unit into your main solar backpack as an emergency backup and forget about it. Its a good unit to carry with you when you go on a swim or a short jaunt where you don’t want to carry the main backpack.

This unit is great for bringing to sports or to the beach and just leaving it on the ground while you enjoy the outdoors and get some free charging for your battery pack.Keep in mind that this is rain resistant and not water proof. A light rain is fine, but if you drop this in the ocean, you will need to dry it out immediately.


10,000 mAH Battery Pack
5V 2.1 amp and 5V 1 Amp dual USB ports
Size 7.5 inches, 4.4 inches, 1.4 inches
Light 10,4 oz
Water resistant and shockproof case
Flashlight with Steady-SOS-Strobe mode

ECEEN Hiking Daypack with Solar Charger and 2000mAH Battery

ECEEN 2000 Solar Backpack

This is the most noteworthy solar fueled backpack on Amazon, in our list of best solar backpacks, and it is not difficult to see why. Despite the fact that it is slightly underpowered contrasted with other models at a comparative cost, this has the ideal list of capabilities for a trip involving a light climb, as a travel daypack or for light biking. It can be folded up to occupy little to no room in your primary rucksack, bag or folder case. You could likewise utilize it on your meal break or while driving to work. The unit gets positively tiny when folded and at just  1.06 pounds it is a minimalists joy.

This pack is built with tear and water resistant material making this backpack very light but highly durable.  The wear and tear prone areas are reinforced to increase the lifespan of this rucksack significantly.

The included solar charger is removable and foldable. You have the flexibility to take it with you or leave it at home depending on your need. Its power output of 3.25W is less than that of a standard charger. However, this unit is meant to be used for a couple of hours and then packed away for use later. The unit uses  high-efficiency solar cells which are lightweight and a third the size of standard cells.  You sacrifice a tiny bit on the power to get the lightest most convenient solar backpack on the market. The solar cells are in a scratch resistant PVC coated packaging. They are good to go for most outdoor situations.

The included 2000 mAh battery pack is again slightly under powered. However, it is enough to get that single important charge for your mobile device. Light and convenient is the motto of this back pack.

2000 mAH Battery Pack
Folded – 7.5 × 7.5 × 3 inches
Unfolded – 19 x 13x 8.2 inches
Light 15 oz
Volume 35 litres
3.5 W foldable solar module
Folds to sandwich size

EnerPlex Packr Commuter Solar Backpack

Enerplex 3W Solar Backpack

This solar backpack, the third in our list of best solar backpacks is designed for the working commuter. It is not meant to be taken on your hiking or biking trip. The unit does not have a battery pack included. So if you are a work commuter traveling by  bus, train, tram or just walking this unit is for you.  A padded interior sleeve with a charging pass through for your laptop is very nice. Its got a bunch of interior compartments and two external pockets for water bottles. You have plenty of room for your books, supplies and cards.

The shoulder straps are sturdy enough, but lack the adjustable options suitable for for hiking or biking all day. So if your daily commute gives you a fair bit of sun and you are not too far from a  power outlet, this backpack will be great for you.

No Battery Pack
Business supply compartments for pens, business cards
13.8 x 5.9 x 17.7 inches
1.7 pounds
Padded interior laptop sleeve with charging pass-through
3 W foldable solar module
2 external zippered pockets for water bottles

Ivation Solar Charger Backpack (7W) with 10,000 mAh Power Bank and 1.8L Hydration Pack 

The Ivation backpack and hydration pack is made from sport quality weather proof PVC fabric and this guarantees top performance and reliability and makes it easily to our list of best solar backpacks. The backpack weighs less than 3 lb. overall.  The 10,000 mAh battery pack has a 5V USB output which can power devices with upto 2Amps of current. This means you will be able to charge most smartphones and even tablets easily.

The backpack has solar panels and a battery pack which pack quite a punch. However, the same cant be said of the backpack. At jut 6 by 1 by 6 inches this will just be ok to fit your mobile accessories and maybe a notebook. The Hydration pack is a big bonus and can store upto 1.8 litres.


10,000 mAH Battery Pack
Size – 6 × 1 × 6 inches
5V USB port producing 2 Amps
less than 3 lb
Protective Voltage Stability Control
7 W foldable solar module
1.8L hydration pack and a plethora of pockets and compartments

ECEEN Solar Charger Backpack (7W) with 10,000 mAh Power Bank and 1.8L Hydration Pack 

ECEEN 10000 Hydration Solar Backpack

The ECEEN backpack and hydration pack is very similar to the SunLabz product, but it has substantial volume to carry supplies for your next camping trip and thus makes it to our list of best solar backpacks. This unit too is from made from sport quality weather proof PVC fabric and this guarantees top performance and reliability. The backpack weighs just 2.65 pounds.  The 10,000 mAh battery pack has a 5V USB output which can power devices with upto 2Amps of current. This means you will be able to charge most smartphones and even tablets easily.

The high efficiency solar panels and the 10,000 mAH battery pack will be good for your mobile life; powering a phone, camera and tablet very easily. The backpack has a roomy main compartment, with enough space to store other accessories like laptop/notebook, iPad, books, gadgets, keys etc. and is ideal for hiking, traveling and other outdoor activities.  The Hydration pack is a big bonus and can store upto 1.8 litres.

10,000 mAH Battery Pack
Size – 12.99 x 3.94 x 18.5 inches
5V USB port producing 2 Amps
2.65 lb
Protective Voltage Stability Control
7 W foldable solar module
1.8L hydration pack and a plethora of pockets and compartments

ECEEN Solar Bag with 7 watt panel and 10,000 mAh Battery 

ECEEN 7W Solar Backpack

This is the ECEEN solar backpack work horse and has pride of place in our list of best solar backpacks. It is light, durable, roomy and has good power making it an excellent choice for everyday use. It is made of lightweight and water resistant material. The solar panel is flexible as well as scratch resistant. The included 10,000 mAh battery will charge your phone back to full 2-3 times. Dual outputs on the battery pack of 1A and 2A for charging your phone or tablet. Panels can power charge  a normal phone upto a full charge in three hours under direct sunlight.

The main compartment is larger and can easily fit a  17-inch laptop in the main pocket. Its handy for your laptop/notebook, iPad, books, gadgets, keys etc. Its comfortable and adjustable mesh straps means you will hardly notice this backpack on your back. Tons of pockets and compartments for all your needs.


10,000 mAH Li Polymer battery pack
Size – 21.3 x 8.7 x 15.4 inches
5V USB port producing 2 Amps
3.3 lb
Protective Voltage Stability Control
7 W solar panel
plethora of pockets and compartments

ECEEN Solar Bag with 10 watt panel and 10,000 mAh Battery 

ECEEN Canvas 10W 10,000 mah Solar Backpack

If you are looking for a solar powered picnic bag, then this is a good choice. With 10W SunPower panels you have the most solar panel in amongst the best solar backpacks featured here. So with its 10,000 mAh power pack this is the most powerful solar backpack.

This bag can carry its quota of books and your  laptop very easily. You could take it for hiking and biking as well. It is a multi purpose solar backpack. Good to take to college or that picnic or on an office trip or even for a week off the grid.  A roomy interior is complemented by an external side pocket for a water bottle.
The shoulder straps are comfortable for normal loads, but tend to cause discomfort if you load up the backpack with excess weight.


10,000 mAH Li Polymer battery pack
Size – 14.2 x 7.5 x 18.9 inches
5V USB port
2.7 lb
10 W solar panel
Fast Charging High Efficiency Panel
36 Litres volume

About Hydration Packs in this list of best solar backpacks

Solar backpacks that include hydration packs are the ultimate convenience. These include everything you want for a day trip,  hiking or just walking around in the city. A Hydration Pack, solar charging, battery pack and a comfortable backpack are a great idea, but it needs some care as well.

It is a good idea to wash out your hydration bladder several times before using it. Fill it with water and let it drain through the tubing 4 to 5 times at least. If not, the water will have a icky taste to it.  And thereafter keep cleaning it once a month at least or your  your tubing and bladder will get gunky and dirty. The bladders must be completely during storage or you will be in a mold of hurt.

There is a lot more you can do with solar. Check out these solar articles and thank you for visiting

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