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Solar Lantern

A Solar Lantern lightly swaying in the breeze is a pleasing sight for sore eyes. Especially after a hard days work, its easy to relax in the warm ambient light of a Solar Lantern.

Not only, are Solar Lanterns design and ambience creators, but they are green and economical to boot.  Solar lanterns are  long-lasting and maintenance free outdoor lighting that are easily portable making them ideal for the party about the yard where you need flexible lighting.

Because Solar Lanterns are mostly LED lights, they offer bright, long lasting light without the worry of a big electric bill.  Once they are placed in the sun, the solar panels charge and power the battery in your Solar Lantern for a long night of outstanding lighting.

Top 10 Best Solar lanterns 2020

There is a wide variety of Solar Lanterns available for your particular design or decor requirement.  Solar Lanterns come in a range of styles that illuminate and decorate your outdoor patio or space at the same time.  Look for designs ranging from black, classic, matte, rustic, roped and ribbed for the perfect lantern for your patio.

The best Solar Lanterns are an eco-friendly, economical and convenient way to brighten your outdoor spaces.  And, they serve your decor by delighting visitors to your home with their looks and lighting.

Great as a decorative for the holiday season or to accent your landscaping and deck , they add security by keeping the lights on all night long. The best solar lanterns are versatile, their installation is a breeze and best of all there is positively no maintenance.

Once you have your best solar lanterns set up, you can forget about them. The sun will power them indefinitely. Of course you need to make sure the included solar panel faces the sun and gets regular hours of daylight. This will help charge the inbuilt battery. That battery will then provide all the power necessary for the best solar lanterns to work during the hours of darkness.

Best solar lanterns

Choosing the Best Lantern

There are a few things you need to watch out for while choosing the best solar lanterns. The panels which might be separate or inbuilt with the lights do need 8 hours or more of direct sun to give your best solar lanterns enough power for the night.

So what happens if you don’t have direct sun? If the solar lanterns are in your yard in Phoenix or Miami, they will work at maximum strength — but what if you live in Anchorage or have trees and a lot of shade?

You can still enjoy your best solar lanterns, even in a fully shaded area, but you will have to position the solar panel remotely on your roof or in a sunnier area of your yard. And yes they must be wired to the solar lanterns in the shady area.

Check the Solar Panels & Batteries

Remember to check the coating on your solar panels. The best solar lanterns will not have cheap plastic coated solar panels that deteriorate in a few years. The top solar lanterns you should choose will be layered with long-lasting tempered glass.

These are shock and breakage resistant and the solar panels will last much longer. Finally check the battery which comes as part of the best solar lanterns package. The larger the battery (check out the mAH rating) the longer the lights will remain on.

Solar Lanterns with Lithium Batteries will be more expensive but they will last a good while longer and will be economical in the long run.

Top 10 Best Solar lanterns of 2020

Enough said, it’s time to look at the  many options available in the market. This is a list of the best solar lanterns of 2018 and is based on reviews and excellent user feedback.

When you choose one of these solar lanterns you not only choose the best, you also get the best prices. Best of luck shopping for the best solar lanterns.

No 1. SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern
No 1. SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern
1,085 Reviews
Do you go on camping trips during your free time? Do you have a hard time keeping your tent lit whilst engaging in such ventures?

A rechargeable camping lantern such as SUAOKI will come to your aid. Its space-saving design (foldable) is portable. Its LED bulbs are not only powerful, but also customized to support three lighting modes.

Set up as a flashlight (high and low beam), you can use it to light your tent and yard. It also has a flashing SOS mode that is beneficial during emergencies. SUAOKI is not your standard solar lantern. The fact that it supports USB charging uses batteries appeals to many people.

No 2. AGPTEK Solar Lantern
No 2. AGPTEK Solar Lantern
1,078 Reviews
During emergencies such as hurricanes, solar lanterns have saved the lives of millions of people. They are good for navigation.

Others have add-ons such as chargers, which are beneficial during blackouts. To get a powerful one for responding to such emergencies, AGTEK is suitable for these reasons.

First, this solar lantern has five charging modes. At night or during cloudy days, you can charge it with an AC adapter, USB, or by cranking its dynamo. This multi-functional lantern also has two brightness modes. In bright mode, it extends vision. You can also set it low for reading to lower irritation and or eye fatigue.

No 3. Tough Light LED
No 3. Tough Light LED
710 Reviews
Whilst in use, people drop their lanterns often or expose them to elements such as the rain. With Tough Light, you will not worry about such issues.

Made from molded plastic, its military-grade shell is durable. You can drop it from heights of up to five feet without it breaking or shuttering. It also has leak proof-rings and a tough rubber coating, which boost its longevity as well.

In addition to its toughness, people appreciate the performance of this lantern. On a single charge, it can generate up to 200 hours of light. Its super-bright LED bulbs (400L), on the other hand, last for 50,000 lighting hours or 2,000 days.

No 4. LVJING Solar Lantern
No 4. LVJING Solar Lantern
521 Reviews
Most patios need an ambient source of light to stay functional. LVJING offers this and more.

The two decorative lanterns that you get are good products for homes. Shaped as candles, their LED bulbs are bright and radiant.

Both lanterns also have sturdy metal clamps that make their installation a breeze. The clamps grip wires and rods tightly, even in windy weather. LVJING is solar powered.

Set up outdoors, its automatic sensor turns its light on and off to keep your patio or yard lit. Charging is automatic, while its satisfaction-guaranteed design is 100% waterproof.

No 5. SteadyDoggie Solar Lantern
No 5. SteadyDoggie Solar Lantern
519 Reviews
Even though functional, cheap plastic lanterns lack the charm that homeowners want. Some are delicate and prone to staining when exposed to the elements.

If you are upgrading a faded low capacity one in your yard, opt for SteadyDoggy. Featuring a classic bronze frame, this is an eye-catching product.

It adds charm to installations such as patios and does not fade nor rusts over time. It is also has a sturdy design with glass panels that disperse light evenly indoors and outdoors.

SteadyDoggie is solar-powered. Whether you are looking to cut costs and or to lower your carbon footprint, it is a worthy product to own. Its smart design also has a battery compartment (normal AA).

No 6. LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lantern
No 6. LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lantern
298 Reviews
LuminAID is a popular survival item for scouts and avid campers. It differs from and outperforms reputable lanterns in the following ways: Its foldable shell stands out.

Whilst packing a camping bag, you can fold it into a compact 1-inch thick solar lantern that weighs only 5 ounces. This fits in most backpacks.

Do not question its performance, though. Its light is ambient. At full charge, it illuminates lawns, pools, or backyards for up to 14 hours.

It is also good for camping or fishing and has an IP67-rated waterproof design that lasts for several years.

No 7. SolarDuke Hanging Lantern
No 7. SolarDuke Hanging Lantern
336 Reviews
Decorating patios for special events such as parties is no longer fun. Many people recycle worn out string lights a few times, to the extent that they lose their charm.

To get something different for an upcoming event, check out this hanging lantern from SolarDuke. Its design and colors stand out.

Moreover, because it supports automatic recharging via solar, you do not have to worry about batteries running out. It can light up your outdoor space for over 100,000 hours before you replace its LED bulbs.

SolarDuke is a standalone lantern. The solar panel that comes built-in has a sensor that turns its light on and off automatically.

No 8. TomCare Solar Lights
No 8. TomCare Solar Lights
493 Reviews
TomCare is reputable for the novel household fixtures and lights that it has manufactured. This flaming solar-powered lantern, for instance, is an attention grabber.

Its realistic flickering flame stands out in dark, which makes it a good centerpiece. It also charges fast (6 hours) and uses power-efficient LED bulbs (candle light) with 10-hour run time.

Weather does not influence the performance of this lantern in any way. Made from ABS plastic, its tough ABS shell is leak proof. It is also under a warranty (45 days) and has a tough alligator clip for easy installation.

No 9. MAGGIFT Hanging Lantern
No 9. MAGGIFT Hanging Lantern
285 Reviews
MAGGIFT is not as powerful as the best solar lanterns on our list. However, because lighting is not its intended use and this is not a con in any way.

This 12-lumen solar lantern is more of a decorative item. If you are doing landscaping, for instance, you can use it to draw attention to a fountain or gnome on your yard.

During Halloween and other themed celebrations, you can use it to draw interest to your door or yard. Its bulbs are durable LED ones with adjustable brightness (8X).

Moreover, to save energy, MAGGIFT switches its light on and off at dusk and dawn respectively, automatically.

No 10. TANSOREN Solar Lanterns
No 10. TANSOREN Solar Lanterns
63 Reviews
For the price of one, TANSOREN offers you four solar lanterns with USB rechargeable designs.

The latter comes in handy when it is cloudy, raining, or snowing. This enables people to use these lanterns all year round, which is a plus.

TANSOREN lanterns have magnetized bases for stability. The four magnets on their bases secure them well on most metallic surfaces.

They also have bright and long-lasting COB LED strips and collapsible designs with ports (USB) for charging phones.


With our recommended LED solar lanterns, you will have a memorable experience whilst camping. They are portable items.

They also have fast-charging systems with powerful LED bulbs and add-ons such as phone chargers. At home, you can also use one to light up your pool or patio during a romantic date, party, or any other special occasion.

Now that you have seen the best solar lanterns, perhaps you would like to see what else you can do with solar. Check out all the other varieties of Solar Lights by clicking on the links in the sidebar.

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