Top 10 Best Solar Outdoor Lights 2019 – Latest Bestsellers Only

Outdoor Solar lights - versatile usesTop 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2019

Eco friendly, Economical and hassle free are words which come to mind when you think about the best solar outdoor lights.

Whether it is an outdoor decoration project, or to illuminate a dark corner or to accentuate your beautiful landscaping solar outdoor lights should be your first choice.

Outdoor solar lights are recommended lighting and security items for homes and offices.  So, what are the benefits of using such products?

First, because of their solar powered designs, you enjoy significant cost savings over their lifetime.  No worries about paying hefty electric  bills or a having a  technician to install or maintain your outdoor solar lights.

Versatile all-in-one designs that are handy and weather resistant; outdoor solar lights will install easily in most areas of your home without issues. These include walkways, garages, and patios to name a few.

And now, let’s check out the top 10 best outdoor solar lights of 2019. All are best sellers and have outstanding ratings and reviews.

Best outdoor solar lights  – latest bestsellers.

No 1. Litom 30 LED Outdoor Solar Lights - Motion Sensing
No 1.  Litom 30 LED Outdoor Solar Lights - Motion Sensing
1,280 Reviews
Gone are the days when you needed access to an electrical switch to turn your outdoor lights on and off. The development of outdoor solar lights with motion sensing such as LITOM has eased this process.


This is a solar-powered light. You can install it on your garage, yard, or front door without having to rewire your home. Its weatherproof (IP67-rated) and wide-angle design (270 degrees) consists of 30 LED lights, which cover 215 square feet.


Spaced well, thus, the four all-in-one lights in the pack can illuminate up to 860 square feet of space of homes. Its PIR sensor has a 30-second timer, while its Sunpower solar panel is super efficient, converting energy up to 30% better than most brands.

No 2. LePower Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensing
No 2. LePower Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensing
547 Reviews
LEPOWER is a recommended outdoor solar light with motion sensing for homes with moderate outdoor lighting needs.


If you have a mid-sized lawn that you struggle to illuminate at night, for instance, check out this product. The single dual-headed light that you get has a powerful 950-lumen system.


Its LED bulbs are bright and durable, while its swiveling head enables you to optimize the direction of its light. Rated IP65 waterproof, LEPOWER has an outdoor-ready heavy-duty design.


Exposed to the elements, thus, the risk of water penetrating its shell and short-circuiting its electrical components is slim to none. This light has a silicone solar panel (amorphous) with a long cord (15 feet). It draws power from an in-built battery (1500mAh) and can sense motion from up to 49 feet.

No 3. Litom Enhanced Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensing
No 3. Litom Enhanced Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensing
445 Reviews
With LITOM Enhanced, you will get wide-angled deck lights (270 degrees), which double as good security lights for homes.


Equipped with 204 LED lights (102 each), the performance of this product outdoors is laudable. In synergy, for instance, these items produce 3000 lumens of a bright white light. Energy conversion is around 17%, while their weatherproof shell (IP65-rated) can withstand most severe weather.


Set up on a wall exposed to rain and snow, therefore, the risk of it short-circuiting is slim. LITOM Enhanced can detect movements from up to 26 feet over a 120-degree angle. Its simple screw-on design is not only easy to install, but also has three modes of operation.

No 4. LEPower 1500LM Solar Outdoor Lights
No 4.  LEPower 1500LM Solar Outdoor Lights
340 Reviews
LEPOWER is an ideal product for lighting up garages, patios, and entryways because of its high-quality design.


Powered by a lithium battery (1500mAh), for instance, its installation on most areas of the home is easy. You do not have to be a professional electrician to do so safely.


It ships ready-to-use with a silicon solar panel (amorphous) that works even during rainy or cloudy days. The bright LED lights on this product (1500 lumens) have a lifespan of around 50,000 light hours.


Its shell is equally as durable (IP65 waterproof rated), and covered by a limited one-year factory guarantee. If your burns our or leaks water in weeks or months, you can request a replacement hassle-free.

No 5. Greluna Outdoor Solar Lights
No 5.  Greluna Outdoor Solar Lights
263 Reviews
Do you have a dark driveway that you want to illuminate or a patio that gets dark at night?


This set of solar wall lights will not only improve the outlook of your home, but also its value. The fact you are getting eight standalone lights is impressive. These lights are stylish, easy to install, and have a warm glow that is bright as well.


They also have powerful rechargeable batteries (8 hours) and weatherproof ABS shells that can withstand harsh weather. Do not hesitate to install this new set on your fence wall, garage, or front door.

No 6. Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights
No 6.  Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights
296 Reviews
With BAXIA TECHNOLOGY, you get a pack of four 2000 lumen outdoor lights, each with a motion sensor.


The sensor detects motion automatically from 16 feet and turns on the light automatically for 30 seconds. If you come home at night often, thus, they can also light up your garage automatically to enhance visibility.


Each light has 100 LED lights. These are durable and power efficient. Moreover, because solar panels come pre-installed on these lights, you do deal with wires during their installation.

Charge yours for 6-8 hours every day to get 8-12 hours of light at night whether it sun, rain or snow.

No 7. Lovin Outdoor Solar Lights
No 7.  Lovin Outdoor Solar Lights
180 Reviews
The LOVIN product is a single outdoor light. The Lovin illuminates doors and driveways efficiently, but you might have to install more than one for large yards.


The LED bulbs it has are powerful. Fully charged, they produce 1000 lumens of light, which is desirable for their small size. LOVIN also has a swiveling head for optimizing the direction of light and a polycrystalline (9V 2.5W) silicon solar panel.


By extending its 16.4-foot cable, you can easily position the solar pane on the roof or a wall of your home with ease. Its efficient photocells are durable and designed to maximize power conversion even in low light areas.

No 8. InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights
No 8.  InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights
90 Reviews
Are you in search of powerful outdoor solar lights for your garage or patio? This pack of four InnoGear lights has many desirable attributes.


Each light is independent, and fitted with 30 super-bright (350 lumens) LED bulbs. You can distribute them around your yard to illuminate a large area.


They are also suitable for illuminating single points of interest such as entryways and garage doors. Ideal for securing homes, these battery-powered lights (18650 lithium) support motion sensing.


Their in-built PIR sensors detect movement within a 120-degree angle from a distance of up to 25 feet. This has made them valued outdoor solar lights for deterring burglaries in homes or offices.


InnoGear is heatproof, waterproof, and easy to secure using two keyholes.

No 9. UrPower Outdoor Solar Lights
No 9.  UrPower Outdoor Solar Lights
499 Reviews
You will like the unique wide-angled design of these outdoor solar lights. They cover a spacious 270-degree angle, which improves the illumination of homes.


To maximize coverage of your yard, thus, without installing a bulky security light, buy this product. Its weather-resistant design (heat, water, and snow proof) design also performs flawlessly outdoors.


Exposed to heat or water, leaks, cracks, and electrical problems are not common. Bulbs (26 LED) are bright (18650 lumens) and durable, while its 1800mAh battery has a short charging time (4-6 hours).


During months with short daylight hours, expect good results from this light. URPOWER offers a lifetime customer service and a factory warranty (limited) of one year for this set of outdoor lights.

No 10. Ever Lightning Outdoor Solar Lights
No 10.  Ever Lightning Outdoor Solar Lights
26 Reviews
This light’s high brightness is one of its many strengths. The 44 LED bulbs in each light generate 550 lumens of white, which makes them good for outdoor lighting.


Coverage (270 degrees) is great, while the weatherproof ABS plastic used to make them has excellent heat and water-resistance. Left in the open, therefore, they will light up your yard, patio, or garage all year long with no issues.


All you need is 4-6 hours of daylight to recharge the in-built Li-ion battery pack that these lights draw power. Solar panels come pre-installed.


Proper lighting is crucial in homes. It not only improves the safety of homes, but also the ambience of installations such as patios and gazebos. To enjoy these and many more benefits, buy one of our recommended outdoor solar lights.

These are power-efficient accessories. Their solar-powered designs do not require electricity to run. These solar lights also have outdoor-ready weatherproof designs with PIR motion sensors and powerful LED bulbs.

A few key elements to consider before you choose the solar light of your choice are – durability and water resistance: are they IP67 rated.

Next, check their internal battery capacity: higher the mah, the better it is.

Finally make sure the included solar panels are high quality. Some brands like SunPower are outstanding. Also higher power ratings are better. Best of Luck in your search.

I hope you liked what you have seen, perhaps you would like to see what else you can do with solar. Check out the solar vents, solar panel kits, solar lights, solar chargers, solar generators and even a solar calculator. Thank you for visiting

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