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Why a Solar Umbrella?

It’s safe to say that most people want to do anything they can to be environmentally friendly. A big part of this is to simply reduce waste. Believe or not, a significant part of waste comes in the form of electricity. And that’s where a Solar Umbrella shines.

We all love to spend time doing outdoor activities, but many people don’t realize how much energy they waste illuminating their backyard area. This is why investing in a Solar umbrella is such a great idea.

This article will first take you through the benefits of a Solar Umbrella and the we will explore the best solar umbrellas available in the market. Let’s start by taking a look at how you can benefit from having a Solar Umbrella.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Solar Umbrella for Your Patio

1. Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Saving money while having fun makes spending time outdoors with family and friends even better. Technology has made great advancements in home solar products in recent years, allowing you to spend quality time on the patio without having to worry about increasing your electric bill.

Believe it or not, the savings you’ll experience owning a solar umbrella will pay for the cost of the investment in no time at all.

2. Easy to Maintain

One of the truly amazing things about solar power umbrella light is that it requires little or no upkeep. All you have to do is choose a location on your patio where the Solar Umbrella will be exposed to the sun for a certain number of hours each day. This allows the solar collector to charge up and store energy for use at night.

These solar batteries are amazingly efficient at collecting and storing electricity. The battery is internal and never needs replacing, making the device hassle-free and super easy to use.

3. Easy to Install

There is literally no assembly required. In fact, the most complicated part of installing your outdoor lighting solar umbrella will likely be choosing a location to place it. The only thing that matters is ensuring that the solar umbrella is adequately exposed to sunlight.

Once it’s been set in place, you simply have to crank it open and turn on the switch. Then the umbrella does all the work for you, providing illumination from solar powered LED lights. There’s nothing to snap together, no screws or bolts to worry about, and no long list of instructions to interrupt.

Enjoying the Benefits of Solar Lighting

Each year, more and more people are discovering the benefits of adding a solar umbrella to their patio space. In fact, there is simply no downside. These devices are attractive, save owners money on their electric bill, and help save the environment by reducing the amount of energy that gets wasted.

It’s the small things in life that add up to having a major impact, both financially and environmentally. Once you’ve experienced owning a solar patio umbrella for yourself, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

Click here to see a list of the best solar lights for your home.  And now lets look at the best Solar Umbrellas in the market.

Top 10 Best Solar Umbrella Lights

The best solar umbrella lights are the most eco friendly, economical and convenient way to brighten your patio or yard.

The best solar umbrella lights are versatile, their installation is a breeze and best of all there is positively no maintenance. Once you have your best solar umbrella lights set up, you can forget about them.

The sun will power them indefinitely. Of course you need to make sure the included solar panel faces the sun and gets regular hours of daylight. This will help charge the inbuilt battery. That battery will then provide all the power necessary for the best solar umbrella lights to work during the hours of darkness.

Best solar umbrella lights

What to watch out for while buying a Solar Umbrella ?

There are a few things you need to watch out for while choosing the best solar umbrella lights. The panels which might be separate or inbuilt with the lights do need 8 hours or more of direct sun to give your best solar umbrella lights enough power for the night.

Sun vs Shade

So what happens if you don’t have direct sun? If your best solar umbrella lights are in your yard in Phoenix or Miami, they will work at maximum strength — but what if you live in Anchorage or have trees and a lot of shade ?

You can still enjoy your best solar umbrella lights, even in a fully shaded area, but you will have to position a remote photovoltaic panel on your roof or in a sunnier area of your yard, which must then be wired to the solar umbrella lights in the shady area.

Solar Panels

Remember to check the coating on your solar panels. The best solar umbrella lights will not have cheap plastic coated solar panels that deteriorate in a few years. If you are looking for the best solar umbrella lights you will choose the longer lasting solar umbrella lights, which are layered with tempered glass.

These are resistant and the panels will last much longer. Finally check the battery which comes as part of the best solar umbrella lights package. The larger the battery (check out the mAH rating) the longer the lights will remain on.

So without further ado – lets look at the many options available in the market. This is a list of the best solar umbrella lights  based on reviews and excellent user feedback.

When you choose one of these solar umbrella lights you not only choose the best, you also get the best price. Best of luck shopping for the best solar umbrella lights.

Check out the Top 10 Best solar umbrella lights, which are also the latest bestsellers.

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