Bostitch Air Compressors: Everything You Need to Know

Bostitch air compressors

If you are going to buy an Air Compressor for your garage, why not buy them from a company who was founded in 1896 giving them a long history of quality and dependability like the Bostitch Air Compressor.

Bostitch air compressors are a great choice, but which one is right for your needs? It can be tough to decipher all of those stats that manufacturers plaster their air compressors with.

Not to worry, we are going to walk you through what they mean and why they are important. Then we are going to walk you through the best models Bostitch has to offer.

How to Buy an Air Compressor

There are a couple things you need to think about when considering which air compressor you should buy. You need to think about the amount of demand you are going to put on the compressor. What kind of tools are you planning on using with the air compressor?

You want to look at the PSI as this tells you what the max pressure rating of the air compressor is. This relates to the HP.

Generally the higher the HP of the motor, the higher the PSI is. You also need to make sure that the air compressor is strong enough to power your tool’s demands.

Another factor is the fill rate and tank size. The bigger the tank, the less often it needs to refill. However, if the fill rate is fast, you can get away with a smaller tank.

The final factor to consider is the decibel level. Air compressors are loud, so if you go with a smaller tank that fills often, you’ll want it to be a quieter model.

The Best Bostitch Air Compressors

We have chosen to feature three Bostitch air compressors that we deem as the best. These three compressors offer the best performance for home use.

CAP1512 Bostitch Air Compressor

Bostitch Air Compressor cap 1512Most small compressors are pancake style, so this compressor is unique being hotdog style. This style helps make it more portable with a large handle across the top.

The tank is small at 1.2 gallons, which helps make the entire compressor very lightweight at just 23.5 pounds. Don’t let the small tank scare you away though.

This compressor has a 2 hp motor which means that it will have the motor power to refill the tank quickly. It also has a powerful output of 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI.

Because of the compressor’s hotdog shape, it can have an integrated roll cage. This metal frame protects the gauges from any potential damage.


The pros of this air compressor is that it is lightweight and performs well. When you do move it around, it is stable thanks to the rubberized feet.

The motor is maintenance free, making ownership a breeze. Operating this compressor is just as easy as the motor is efficient at rapidly refilling the tank.


This particular compressor has a slow startup time, which means you’ll be waiting on it before you can get started on your project. It also has a small tank size.

This means that it will have to kick on more often with use. Speaking of refilling, it isn’t the quietest of motors. So you’ll be hearing that loud noise often as it refills the tank often.

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BTFP02012 6 Gallon Bostitch Air Compressor Pancake Compressor

This 6-gallon pancake air compressor has a max PSI of 150 and delivers an SCFM rate of 2.6. This is plenty powerful enough to handle most home projects such as refilling motorcycle tires.

The dBA level is 78.5 making it relatively quiet while running. It also comes with high flow couplers and flow regulators. This helps you maximize your tool’s performance.

The total weight of the compressor is 29 pounds. This makes it perfect for carrying around from one project to the next.


The running noise level of this compressor is relatively quiet in comparison of other models.

It also has a low amperage pull which means it doesn’t need a lot of power to run. This is important because it means that you can plug it into your home power socket without worrying about tripping the breaker.

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The biggest drawback of this air compressor is that you have to completely drain the tank between each use. Otherwise, it won’t start up and run.

Some users might find this compressor noisy.

BTFP3KIT 3-Tool Portable Air Bostitch Air Compressor

bostitch air compressor BTFP3kitThis air compressor is similar to the last one, except that it comes as a part of a kit. In addition to the compressor, you also get a finish nailer, brad nailer, and crown stapler.

With the additional tools, you are set up to have everything you need for your next big project. The brad nailer can handle 18 gauge Brad nails that are 5/8″ to 2″ inches in length.

The straight nailer can handle 16 gauge nails that are a 1/4″ to 2.5″ inches in length. Finally, the crown stapler is capable of handling 3/8″ crown staples from 1/4″ to 9/16″ in length.


By buying the entire kit as one, you can be confident that all of the tools are compatible with the air compressor. It will also save you time and money not by not having to buy the tools separately.

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The only real con we can come up with is that you will have to spend more for the entire kit. But if you plan on using the tools, the extra cost is worth it.

Which Is the Right Bostitch Air Compressor for You?

Deciding to buy a Bostitch air compressor is a great first step! Hopefully, we have helped you narrow down which model is right for your needs.

Bostitch air compressors are quality machines that will provide you with reliable service for years to come. You just want to make sure that you buy one that has the capacity to meet your needs.

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