The Definitive Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Buying Guide

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Have you been thinking of purchasing a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor? If so, you’re headed in a smart direction. Campbell Hausfeld offers several high-quality air compressors, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

There are many compressors to choose from, though, which can make your decision difficult. What kind and size of compressor is best for what you intend to use it for?

To help you make the best decision, we’ve created this handy guide. Keep reading to learn all about Campbell Hausfeld air compressors and which ones might be best for you.

Reasons to Buy Campbell a Hausfeld Air Compressor

What makes Campbell Hausfeld a good choice? The company has stood the test of time. In operation since 1836, Campbell Hausfeld knows what goes into a high-quality piece of equipment.

The company’s experience isn’t limited to creating air compressors, but when it comes to compressors they’re considered one of the best manufacturers out there. This means you can be confident that any product you buy will do its job well.

Campbel Hausfeld offers several compressors so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

And if you are interested, these high-quality enclosures will house your Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor in a safe environment.

What to Look for When Buying an Air Compressor

When choosing an air compressor, you have to consider your specific needs. There are tons of compressors out there and they have different capabilities and quality levels.

Consider what you plan to use the air compressor for. Here are some things that compressors are commonly used for:

  • Painting
  • Filling tires
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Nailing

The activities you plan to do, how much power you need, and how long you want that pressure to be available should all be taken into consideration. Whether you plan to use the compressor for home or industrial use should be the main factor in helping you decide.

Tool Requirements

Look at the tools you plan to use. Make sure your compressor of choice has the PSI and SCFM to operate the tool efficiently.


The ability to easily move your compressor may be high on your list. If so, choose a compressor that’s portable.

Keep in mind, a compressor can weigh around 200 pounds and still be considered portable due to wheels, etc. Other compressors are much smaller and easy to move.


You may have a preference when it comes to the shape of your compressor. Would you like a pancake compressor? How about a twin-stack?

Make sure you understand the difference and that the compressor will fit in the space you have available.


Look at the tank size for each compressor you’re considering. Some tools need more air than others, so an eight-gallon tank might not cut it.

Noise Level

Some air compressors are quite loud while others are specifically designed to limit noise. Consider if noise is a factor in your decision before making a purchase.

Product Reviews

Now that you know what to look for, let’s look at some of the top air compressors offered by Campbell Hausfeld.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Portable, 8 Gallon (DC080500)

The DC080500 is a great all-around air compressor. It’s low on noise and Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor DC08050it’s easy to move. This makes it a great choice for anyone in neighborhoods or who may do some work at night or in early morning hours.

The low noise also makes this compressor usable indoors.

Just how quiet is this compressor? Only 68 dBa.

Out of more than 100 reviews, this air compressor currently sits with a four-star rating on Amazon. You will need to purchase some additional tools depending on your project, but Campbell Hausfeld makes that easy since they offer accessory kits and air hoses that match.

The DC080500 is oil-free, so it should be easy to clean and maintain. And this isn’t an outdated machine-it first hit the market in July 2016.

Want to see this compressor in action? Check out this video review.

See the Portable Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor on Amazon.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, Portable, Horizontal, 20 Gallon (DC200000)

This air compressorCampbell Hausfeld Air Compressor DC020000 also falls into the portable category, but it’s quite a bit heavier than the DC080500. This one comes in at nearly 100 pounds, so you’ll want to utilize the handle and wheels when moving it around.

While this compressor is bulkier, it’s built to accomplish a lot. You stapling, painting, and nailing will be a breeze, and you can do plenty of other projects with this compressor.

You won’t have to worry about oil with this compressor, which is a nice perk. It also sports a fully enclosed induction motor for enhanced safety.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, 30-Gallon Horizontal Tank, Portable, (VT6271)

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor 30gallonWhile the Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor VT6271 is a lot bigger (and much heavier) than the first one on our list, this one packs a much more powerful punch. It features a 3.7 horsepower engine and a 30-gallon capacity, so it’s ready to get your projects done.

It’s big, but it brings the power you need for all your projects. Do you want to spray paint your car? No problem.

Have a sanding, nailing, or grinding project on your to-do list? Done.

Designed to give you 5,000 hours of reliable compressed-air power, this compressor will deliver.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors: Reliable Workhorses

There’s a reason you’ve heard of Campbell Hausfeld air compressors. This company’s been around the block before, so they know what you need to get the job done.

Take a look at these three compressors and see if one will work for you. Once you’ve found a compressor that meets your requirements, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

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