Best Electric Powered Skateboards Longboards & One Wheel Boards

Electric Skateboards, Electric Longboards and Electric One Wheel Skateboards are driving the motorized board market junkies nuts. Choosing the best electric powered skateboard or the best off road motorized electric longboard or one wheel skateboard is almost as difficult as maneuvering on an electric skate board for the first time. Rapid Innovation : The electric … Continue reading “Best Electric Powered Skateboards Longboards & One Wheel Boards”

Best Bass Headphones under $50

Best Bass Headphones under $50 Headphones are a ubiquitous symbol of the technology and techie geek revolution that has gripped American culture. Headphone toting millennials are now part of the social fabric. And that naturally has led to a plethora of headphones flooding the American markets. In this post I will try to present a … Continue reading “Best Bass Headphones under $50”

Best Tech Gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas for under $50

Best Tech gifts under $50 in 2017 Leather Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case Techie Gift for him or her : This is a very nice and lightweight cover that goes above and beyond what previous versions of Amazon-branded e-Ink Kindle covers have done. Related Pages Toys n Gifts for Family & Friends Best Christmas Gifts under … Continue reading “Best Tech Gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas for under $50”

GoSun Solar Stove / Solar Oven

The GoSun Solar Stove provides practical, fuel-free cooking solutions and gets you outdoors so you can live a more healthy and abundant life. The GoSun Solar Stove has designed a line of high efficiency solar ovens that quickly and reliably make food without fuel. With GoSun Solar Stoves you will be able to feed two … Continue reading “GoSun Solar Stove / Solar Oven”

Best Battery Powered Kids Electric Toy Cars for 4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 year olds

Aren’t battery powered motorized kids electric cars so much fun? Imagine the incredible joy of your 7, 8 or 10 year old when he sees his new motorized Range Rover or Jeep power wheels Christmas vehicle. The joyful hop skip and jump in your 4, 5 or 6 year old  girl’s step on seeing her … Continue reading “Best Battery Powered Kids Electric Toy Cars for 4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 year olds”

Spinner Fidget Toy

The spinner fidget toy is not really a solar toy, so I am kind of sneaking this one in. That because it works off kinetic energy and that is clean and environment friendly like our favorite solar energy based solar motion toys. Its all over TV, on CNN  and if you haven’t seen one with … Continue reading “Spinner Fidget Toy”

Solar Motion Toy : Car & Grasshopper

The Solar powered Grasshopper and Car are excellent examples of the adaptation of solar technology to power educational toys which combine learning and entertainment. These two solar motion toys are wildly popular and are sure to surprise delight and educate your child. Solar Powered Grasshopper 5 pieces/pack These Grasshoppers come with a 1 year warranty and … Continue reading “Solar Motion Toy : Car & Grasshopper”

Peacock and Flower Solar Wind Spinners

Wind Spinners are unique outdoor and lawn garden decor ornaments that use ornamental designs and bright contrasting colors to create visual statements for your home’s decor. The solar wind spinners use solar energy to add brilliant lighting effects to these ornamental creations. Solar Peacock Wind Spinner This dazzling and decorative  – Solar Peacock Wind Spinner – … Continue reading “Peacock and Flower Solar Wind Spinners”

Solar Motion Toy : OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot is an engineering kit that is designed to explore solar energy for kids. It fascinates the mind and encourages scientific learning, logic and creativity. This robot will teach children the basic concepts behind robotics and renewable energy resources. Powered by the sun this solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 … Continue reading “Solar Motion Toy : OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot”

New Solar Motion Toys

Solar Motion Toys seem to be a big hit. I have had a dozen requests for new reviews for the latest editions of the new delicately bobbing and weaving creatures that inhabit solar motion toy land. You can check out these delicious creations at Walmart, Dollar Tree and Amazon. All of these solar motion toys are perpetual … Continue reading “New Solar Motion Toys”