Best Solar Backpacks : Buying Guide & Expert Advice

Solar Backpack : Solar Backpacks are invaluable companions to the mobile biker, camper, student and all nature and outdoor lovers. Solar Backpacks capture the power of our mighty sun through Solar Paneled Backpacks.   Backpacks with Solar Chargers : Since the Solar Paneled Backpacks power mobile devices they are also referred to as Backpacks with Solar Chargers. Some … Continue reading “Best Solar Backpacks : Buying Guide & Expert Advice”

Backpack with built in charger

The Energysac solar backpack boasts of being the worlds smartest backpack. As a new backpack with built in charger, the new Energysac does have some innovations which make it a contender in my list of best solar backpacks.  This new solar backpack with built in charger has a smart external USB charging port. The location is … Continue reading “Backpack with built in charger”

Solar Backpack :The Power is in your step – Lupita Nyong’o

Solar backpack helps Kenyan children get rid of dangerous kerosene lamps A solar backpack and light improving childrens lives in Kenya –  image courtesy CBC Salima Visram the 23 year old entrepreneur behind Soular Backpack was born on the outskirts of Mombasa, Kenya and is no stranger to poverty. The image of thousands of young children studying at night using … Continue reading “Solar Backpack :The Power is in your step – Lupita Nyong’o”