PSE&G JCP&L Solar Loan: Free Solar Panel Financing NJ : New Jersey installers

Attention All New Jersey residents looking for free solar panels : Contact your neighborhood New Jersey solar installer or solar financing company and ask if they are enrolled in the PSE&G and JCP&L Solar Loan program. Free Solar Panels in NJ This  is your ticket to zero down solar, you can get the best rated, … Continue reading “PSE&G JCP&L Solar Loan: Free Solar Panel Financing NJ : New Jersey installers”

100 watt solar panels

Perfect 100 watt solar panels. Specifications, Prices, Comparisons, Top high efficiency solar panels from Amazon

Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels unlike their cousins the regular tempered glass solar panels are predictably flexible to an extent and most importantly are far lighter. Related Information Solar Panels: Good and Bad How much will you save ? Why Install Solar Power? Off grid Solar Caclulator Solar Panel Output Understanding your Electric Bill Flexible Solar Panels … Continue reading “Flexible Solar Panels”


Renogy or Renogy Solar is a US based company that started out in the dorms of Louisiana State University and has grown to be one of the leading solar product companies today. Renogy Solar is customer focused, and gives back to the community and is very tightly integrated with the Louisiana business and academia. Renogy … Continue reading “Renogy”

Heavy duty Solar Panel Kits Household Off Grid

Heavy duty Solar Panel Kits : Large Solar Panel Kits to Power  you off grid or the whole household Solar Panels & more Are Solar Panels worth the investment? How much do Solar Panels save on Electricity Bills? Off Grid Solar Calculator Rechargeable AA Batteries Solar AA Battery Chargers Solar Atomic Watches Solar Chargers Solar … Continue reading “Heavy duty Solar Panel Kits Household Off Grid”

Top 5 Home Solar Options for New Jersey

New Jersey residents are amongst the most progressive in the nation and it shows in the widespread adoption of solar with over 1GW of solar installed. With growth, there is choice and a drumbeat of conflicting marketing communications on TV and digital media about the merits of these choices. Working through the clutter of information, we … Continue reading “Top 5 Home Solar Options for New Jersey”

Solar Shingles : Should I buy the new Tesla Solar Roof Tiles?

Solar Shingles are here ! The Tesla Solar Shingles were recently launched with great fanfare by the magician from Silicon Valley : Elon Musk. The new solar roof from Tesla comes with great promise and is being touted as the next revolution to hit the solar shores. But wait, aren’t solar roof tiles already here? … Continue reading “Solar Shingles : Should I buy the new Tesla Solar Roof Tiles?”

Solar Panel Kit :

Many of you are looking at building your own solar panel kits as a complete solar solution for your home or RV. The ability to build your own diy solar panel kit that satisfactorily powers a home solar system is fortunately at hand. In this article I will explore one of the more robust small … Continue reading “Solar Panel Kit :”

New Solar Panel Technology

Rayton Solar led by CEO Andrew Yakub a UC Santa Barbara alum and member of the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2016 is bringing revolutionary new solar panel technology to the market. Rayton’s new solar panel technology promises to reduce solar panel manufacturing costs by upwards of 60%.  This new solar panel technology also … Continue reading “New Solar Panel Technology”

Why do so few people install solar power kits for homes in US?

I get his question quite often and this post will try to set the record straight about solar power kits for homes.  Let me start with the facts – Solar is an excellent investment in the following states Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts,Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Washington D.C. … Continue reading “Why do so few people install solar power kits for homes in US?”