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Heavy duty Solar Panel Kits : Large Solar Panel Kits to Power  you off grid or the whole household

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Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kits are meant to provide high energy output to power devices such as a TV, PC’s, Game Console, fridge etc. The largest of them could additionally run a blender or a heater or a microwave for a short while.  The Heavy duty solar panel kits are souped up versions of solar panel kits and not true off grid or whole household solar systems. But they do a reasonably good job of impersonating their bigger cousins the whole home solar systems.

Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kits

All the heavy duty solar panel kits featured in this article are suitable for stationary mounting on your cabin, home, or apartment roof or on the ground. If you are able to get them to tie to the grid, they would give you some reduction in your electric grid bill.  The solar panel kits which could reduce your grid bill to zero are the whole home solar systems. Here are 5 heavy duty solar panel kits for your consideration :

1. Go Power Solar  480-  Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kit

go power solar extreme 480-watt solar kit

This kit is powered by 3 solar panels each producing 160 watts of power. This heavy duty solar panel kit produces 480 watts of power in peak sunlight.  They can be used as the power source for your battery bank. That is not included in the kit and the manufacturer recommends a 400 Amp hour battery bank.

The kit includes a 3000W pure sine wave inverter to convert the DC output of the solar panels into AC. The included 30A PWM charge controller does a decent job of monitoring output from the panels and ensuring the batteries are charges optimally. There is a voltmeter, and several cords and cables and some mounting hardware included in the the kit.

This is a decent mid sized heavy duty solar panel kit and can be a good companion to your RV or outdoor cabin. Remember to source a good set of batteries.

2. Eco Worthy 1300 Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kit

eco-worthy 1300-watt off-grid solar kit

Unlike the Go Power solar panel kit, this kit does not include the power inverter and voltmeter in addition to not having a battery bank. However, it packs a lot of extra power in terms of solar panels. There are 8 solar panels in this kit with a total output 1300W. If you are in a location with 6 hours of good sunlight, that means you have 7.8 kwh of power output a day which is good enough to run a small home entirely.

These panels are all  24V output full sized solar panels and need to be mounted on your home, cabin,  RV, caravan, or boat. The kit comes with mounting hardware including all required Z brackets. The kit comes equipped with  MC4 connectors and extension cables as well as a decently powered 40A 24V MPPT solar charge controller. The charge controller protects your battery bank from over charging and ensures the solar output is shut off to ensure batteries dont get over loaded.

3. Go Power Solar 320 Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kit

Go Power Solar (320 watts)

This Go Power variant is lower powered and comes equipped with 2 solar panels. The solar inverter is lower powered at 2000W and the balance of the system is common with its larger the cousin. Of course there is a significant price difference of close to a $1000 and that could make the decision in its favor.

The kit comes with the mounting kit required for your  RV, caravan or cabin. This kit may be considered slightly under powered for a heavy duty solar panel kit, but is sufficient for a small outdoor or off grid cabin.

4. Grape Solar 2300  Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kit

Grape Solar 2300-Watt Grid-Tied Solar System Kit

This Grape Solar Kit is the most powerful kit featured in this selection. The individual panels are higher powered at 210 W each and with ten panels you have a decent 2.3kw DC solar system. That makes it comparable to a very small whole home solar system.

This solar system can generate close to 3000 kwh of power in a year and that could significantly dent your monthly electric bill. If you pay about 20 cents per unit of power, this unit will save you around $50 every month off your electric bill.

The kit has roof mounting hardware with brackets and screws and the PVP-2000 power inverter has an industry standard 10-year warranty. This heavy duty solar panel kit will be your go to choice if you are looking for a whole home solar system without spending the huge bucks for those types of solar systems.

5. Grape Solar 400 Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kit

grape solar 400w off-grid solar kit

This Grape Power unit is comparable to the Go Power 320 unit and ideal if you are on a budget. This unit is the lowest cost option amongst the five heavy duty solar panels kits reviewed in this article.

This unit is ideal if you are looking for lower power applications such as outdoor lights or water pumps or perhaps running just the communication essentials in your home or RV. The unit is equipped with 4 panels which are a 100W each and the included power inverter from Xantrex is a 2000W unit.

The  Xantrex power inverter boasts of a  pair of USB ports for charging your  mobile devices and that is a nice touch. The charge controller from Xantrex has a 35Amp rating and does a good job of keeping the system optimized.

And here are some options from the Amazon store :

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Heavy Duty Solar Panel Kits

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