Holy Purple Cow : Its Levitating Speakers!

Holy Purple Cow :  Now it is levitating Speakers

Yes Sir : that there is a levitating speaker. The last levitation session I attended was on the Bora Bora mountains of Tibet where I had my first and only audience with the Grand Levitating Lama of Bora Bora.   And now we have, let me say it again, Holy Purple Cow : levitating speakers. Apparently, I am late to the party – LG is not the first to manufacture  levitating speakers, but their speaker is sure to mesmerize audiences at CES next month

Earlier speakers with magical levitational properties have looked like clouds, unidentified flying objects, and even an evil soccer ball.  The unit from LG’s has a solid cylindrical base unit and and the speaker itself looks like an air filter floating on the base unit. The off white color and control options on the speaker give the unit a futuristic look without going off the yazoo.

To my disappointment, the levitation is achieved using existing electromagnetic technology rather than traditional witchcraft or space warping. Korean major LG the manufacturer promises its Dual Passive Radiator technology will generate “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.”

The chunky base unit is a subwoofer and and produces deep throbbing base tones. And the base unit is the charging unit for the levitating speaker. The levitating speaker hovers for about 10 hours on one charge and once it looses power, it slowly settles down on the base unit, making a perfect lunar landing. The speaker continues to work thought out the charging process and once done, the unit takes off for another 10 hour levitation session. Of course, its advisable to keep the unit out of sight during charging as it looses its purple cow cool factor entirely when it is charging.

Keep your eyes on the CES next week where LG is expected to release final prices and shipping availability.

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