Honda EU3000iS Portable Generator is a Winner

The Honda EU3000iS Portable Generator is one of the  Best Silent Generators in the market today.  

Over 11 Silent Generators were evaluated and the Honda EU3000iS came out on top.  Here are the Top

5 Reasons to choose the Honda EU3000iS

  • The Honda EU3000iS is comparatively quiet  compared to other Portable Generators. 
  • The Honda EU3000iS engine has the legendary Honda fuel efficiency.
  • The Honda EU3000iS produces super clean power that is great for sensitive electronic devices.
  • Outstanding warranty  support from Honda.
  • The Honda EU3000iS is relatively  light and portable and ideal for your RV or Truck.

This article is a detailed review of the EU3000is.

We have also included user reviews from customers who are actual users of the Honda EU3000iS.  

A Winner 

SMALL : The small Honda EU3000iS Portable Generator is a powerful 3000 watt Portable Generator.  

But, the biggest asset of the Generator are its looks, its small footprint and its muted operational noise. All of which makes its so different from other Portable Generators. 

Even though Honda EU3000iS is not the most powerful in its class, its power to weight ratio and silent operation makes it a formidable Portable Generator.

If 3000 watts of power is not enough, you might be interested in the more powerful Portable Generator  featured in this article. And for those who are interested in a completely noiseless generator,  a Solar Generator might be a better choice. Continue to read on for more.

Plug and Play

PLUG & PLAY : The EU3000iS is a plug and play portable generator that is easy to use with a broad selection of AC outputs and can even charge your car batteries.  

Customer Reviews

John Thorley of San Diego : " I now have 2  of these generators. They are awesome little machines. My first unit is 3 years old and still going really strong.

Love the quiet operation plus they really are fuel efficient, use very little gas. I added all terrain wheels to grab them for easy moving and now they are light enough for me to move alone. "

Dolph R, NJ : " I have nine of these babies and I use them constantly to run movies. The Honda EU3000iS is very best generator in its class.  

I run each of them for hours and hours on end and they take it without a complaint.  All they need is a little care, Change their oil weekly and use 100% synthetic oil and thats it, you will get thousands of hours from this beauty.

Something to look out for - when the transporter delivers them they sometimes come loaded sideways or upside down and some oil leaks out into the paper air filter.

Soon this causes the unit to belch smoke and run very rough.  Best to check the oil filter, watch some Youtube videos and of course read the manuals. Next, add oil and gas and start your new Honda EU3000IS".

Delaney T, MA :  This is the quietest generator I have had...  and its my fourth.  Everything is as Honda promised.

The only problem is that the unit is heavy : it is about 150 lbs once you have topped up gas and oil.  I got wheels now and its pretty easy getting it up and running in about 10 minutes.

The unit has a front plate that needs to be removed and then the battery has to be connected. Only then will the electric start work. All good things come at a cost, so this unit is expensive, but it is money well spent.

Honda EU3000iS 3000 watt - Quick Specs
Honda EU3000iS 3000 watt Generator

Power : 2800 watts, 3000 watts surge

Super quiet

Great for RVs, including 13,500 BTU AC units

Fuel efficient - up to 20 hrs on 3.4 gal of gas

Electric Start and Backup Recoil Start

Pure Sine wave AC output

What can the Honda EU3000iS Generator power

RV Favorite

The Honda EU3000iS is the RV owners  favorite source of power.  It also works as an outstanding Recreational Generator as well as as a home backup power solution for small and medium home.

Video Review

Appliances Galore

One of the most popular Honda generators, this unit can power a broad range of appliances including a Fridge, Freezer, a Furnace, most microwaves and AC units rated 13,500 BTU or lower.

It generates 2800 watts of continuous power for hours on end producing 23.3 amps of current. It is equipped to provide a surge output of 3000 watts at 25 amps of current and thus is able to give the required surge to get the AC compressor started.

Honda EU3000iS : Super Quiet

One of the major attractions of the Honda EU3000iS is its Super quiet operation. Its noise level is between 50 to 57 dB(A).

That is actually less noise than a regular conversation.  As a silent generator your Honda EU3000iS will never cause your neighbor or fellow RV camper to complain about generator noise. 

This generator is ideal for Camping, RV parks,  Home Power Backup and any situation that requires quiet power generation.

Fuel Efficient and more

This little monster can run for up to 20 hours on a single tank of gas (3.4 gallon of fuel in one tank load).  The Generator uses Honda's patented Eco Throttle System to give you fabulous fuel economy.

It is great at running your RV AC overnight as well. At constant full power you get at least 7.2 hours of operating time before you need a refill.

A very convenient and efficient electric starting option relieves the physical stress of getting the generator started.

Honda also included an easy recoil starting option as a back up, in case the electric start fails.

Clean power

The Honda EU3000iS produces clean and pure sine wave output thanks to advanced electronics in its inbuilt inverter. The  power output is clean like your wall AC outlet.

Thus, you get clean and reliable power for all equipment including sensitive electronics like computers, audio equipment, medical equipment and so on. 

Daisy Chain the Honda EU3000iS

The Honda EU3000iS can be daisy chained i.e. you can connect it in parallel with another unit to have twice the power output.

In addition to the clean AC power that the generator produces, it also outputs DC power at 12 volts (upto 12 amps). You will need an optional charging cord if you plan to use use the DC output to charge your Auto Batteries. 

Honda Warranty

The unit comes with a standard 3 year residential and commercial warranty - that's the closest you can get to a bumper to bumper warranty.

Other safety features  include an Engine Shut off feature when it runs low on Oil.  All important circuitry is protected from overloads and power spikes and the Spark Arrestor / Muffler is USDA certified. 

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  • Low oil shut-off protects engine. Quiet muffler reduces engine noise is a blog that covers the best in technology and gadgets as well as environmentally sustainable technology offerings. Here are some of the more popular items on the site:

Honda EU3000iS, 2800 Running Watts/3000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered, Portable Inverter

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