Honda EU7000iS Generator – A winner

Honda as a company has a long legacy of  manufacturing generators. The Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator, more commonly known as the Honda 7000 Generator is another custom-made product created with their keen understanding of customer needs.

The Honda power equipment eu7000is inverter generator is an innovative newly designed, ultra portable, and high performance new Honda Generator.  Built for consistently reliable power generation, the Honda 7000 Generator will not disappoint you. 

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Honda eu7000is inverter generator - Honda 7000 Generator

Honda 7000 Generator

The Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator is capable of producing 7000 watts at peak capacity. It will, however, produce a steady output of 5500 watts.

This capacity will get any job done whether you are using it for commercial or residential purposes. This means that power for your power tool including low powered electric pressure washers and lawn mowers will ​be always available.

Honda power equipment eu7000is inverter generator is a Winner 

This Inverter Generator will operate for 18 hours on a full tank of gasoline. This is unbeatable. Due to its fuel-saving technology, you will be able to achieve more with this inverter generator.

Noise is always associated with generators. This Honda 7000 inverter generator will alleviate the annoying noise as the generator runs. With a noise level of 52-60 decibels, it is ranked as the top quiet generator in its class and in the market.

You will, therefore, converse normally near the generator and avert noise complaints from your neighbor.  Lets look at why it makes great sense to purchase the Honda EU7000IS.

5 reasons to buy a Honda EU7000is Inverter Generator

High Power quality

Honda 7000 generator

Some generators will not produce quality power for your use. With inexpensive generators, this is a common problem. But the Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator is different.

Capable of producing 5500 watts steady output, the frequency and voltage of power from this generator will not drop. Even when you push it to the limits, the voltage will remain consistent with no power surge.

Low noise levels 

The engine of this generator is placed on rubber feet. Moreover, there is a advanced muffler system that has outstanding noise minimizing capabilities.  This is one of the top rated quiet generators.  

Advance controls and connectivity 

Ripcords are always troublesome. If you need to avert yanking one to start your generator then Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator is your choice.

Equipped with a complete electric starter, the hassle of turning on your generator will be forgotten. By turning the shutoff switch "on", you will only push the start button to start it. It will start easily every time you turn it on.

Efficient fuel saving

It is capable of running for 18 hours on a full tank. Running on gas, this generator is able to produce maximum power on very little fuel. All that is thanks to its innovative eco-throttle switch. Not only is the Honda 7000 very economical, it is amongst the most eco-friendly generator.

Compact Design and Mobility

This generator has a compact design. It is therefore easy to carry around and does not take much space when storing. It is also mounted on high-quality rubber wheels. Coupled with these are two fold-down handles which will aid you to move it on all surfaces.

Pros and Cons


Push Button Electric Start


Super quiet generator


Up to 18 hours run time


Incorporated starting battery


High power quality


Electronic fuel injection technology


Compact design and a durable frame


Generator Wheels with folding handles

Heavy at 262 pounds

More expensive than its competitors

No backup Rip Cord in case of battery failure

It misses a few of the smaller ports

Competing Generators

Yamaha EF6300iSDE

Honda 7000 generator - competitor Yamaha

This is also a powerful inverter generator producing a maximum wattage of 6300 and running on gas. Its running wattage is however 5500 and comes with an internal battery.

This generator is quiet and has an electric starter for starting and stopping which may be wirelessly controlled. Fitted with wheels, it is easy to drag on a smooth surface. It has a runtime of up to 13 hours.

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Pulsar PG700W

Honda 7000 Generator competitor - Pulsar

This is a diesel powered generator running at 5500 watts and producing 7000 watts at peak. It runs at 70 decibels and is fairly quiet. 

Running on diesel makes it last long on a four-gallon fuel tank. This generator will provide you with all the power outlets that you will require.

On the negative side, the Pulsar PG700W is a heavy generator and thus heavy to transport. See the Pulsar Generator here.

Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator

Honda 7000 generator - competitor Westinghouse

Designed for power, quality and durability, the generator is user-friendly. With a starting capacity of 4500 watts and running at 3800 watts, you will not be short of power. 

This generator is quiet in operation as it features massive mufflers. It is mounted on wheels and also has fold-down handles for easy mobility. It can also be quickly assembled and easily maintained.

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Final Word

The Honda EU7000is Inverter Generator is a superbly designed eco-friendly quiet generator that is clearly heads and shoulders above its nearest competitors.

With a  3 year residential and commercial warranty, additional safety features such as Engine Shut Off on low oil and complete circuit protection from power spikes, the Honda 7000 Generator is robust from the maintenance perspective as well.

 If you need the power, you go get your Honda Power Equipment Eu7000is inverter generator today on Amazon. 

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