Humless 1500 Go Mini Solar Generator

Humless Generators :Humless Generators are long lasting ultra reliable power backup solution. Humless Generators, including the Humless 1500 are tested and based on pairing great Lithium Battery Technology with Top notch Solar Panels.

Humless Generators are created by a California based manufacturer with the goal of creating a clean, quiet and  sustainable generator.  Humless Generators  have generated excellent customer reviews and feedback. Lets look at the leading Humless Generator, the Humless 1500.

Humless 1500


POWER : 1500 WH Weight : 37.5 pounds

Humless 1500 Watt Heavy Duty Solar Generator Humless 1500 Solar Generator
12 Reviews

Solar Panel Not included Battery :50 Ah LiFe battery
Recharge : AC, Solar Outputs : USB (4),DC (2),AC (1)

Price on Amazon :$849.00

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What can it power?

 Go-Pro-5-watts-Iphone-5-wattsGo Pro/Iphone
5 watts
  TV-32-inch-60-watts32″ TV
60 watts
650 watts
 LED-Light-8-wattsLED Light
8 watts
Mini-Fridge-60-wattsMini Fridge
60 watts
coffee-blender-1000-wattsCoffee Blender
1000 watts
30 watts
350 watts
Circular-Saw-1200-wattsCircular Saw
1200 watts
50 watts
computer-with-monitor-500-wattsComputer + Monitor
500 watts
Yes  RV/Window AC-1500-wattsRV Window AC
1500 watts

Humless Generator – Customer Review

CUSTOMER REVIEW : Bill Svegal, June 2016  Humless 1500 was great in an emergency. :
In a recent summer power outage I used the Humless 1500 to power a  26cu ft refrigerator; a small 5watt LED light and a small 6″ Portable television. I used them for three hours and everything worked very well. At the end the charging indicator showed I had used about half the battery.  Glad it worked well and I would recommend the Humless 1500.


CUSTOMER REVIEW : Hillis B March, 2018 : I have been using Humless Generators since 2016 and I absolutely love them! Their only downside, the weight. But the heavy weight class means it punches for power. The Humless Generator powers my heating equipment at fairs and keeps food warm. My small oven is good for 2 hours and light bulbs last well over 20 hours. I got a small dolly to move it around and I plan to add another one for my other exhibit.

10 Reasons to buy the Humless Generator

Light & Portable : The Humless 1500 Solar Generators most outstanding feature is its small size and weight. At 37 pounds this is lighter and more portable than most of its heavy duty solar generator peers.

The only other heavy duty solar generator this light is the  the Inergy Kodiak which is even lighter: just 20 pounds.

Humless 1500 Solar Generator homeBattery : The Humless 1500  has advanced battery technology. Its in-built battery is a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which is the very latest generation and is rated to last up to 8 years.

The Humless battery gives it another edge over the competition. You are likely to have this generator going while the others have their internal batteries run out.

Humless 1500 Solar Generator iphoneValue for Money : At approximately a $1400, the Humless 1500 is  not the lowest priced heavy duty solar generator. However, the much longer battery life of the Humless 1500 makes this a better long term investment. That makes the Humless 1500 really great value for money.

Serious Power : With 1500 watts of power under its belt, and a surge capacity of 2000 watts, this can power anything up to a window AC. There is only one caveat, the storage capacity of its battery is only 664 watt hour, which means you will be able to run bigger devices like the AC for about 15 minutes.

Also tools like a 1000 watt Power Saw will run for slightly more than half hour with the Humless 1500 solar generator at full tilt.  However, you can run the smaller appliances like a mini fridge for 10 hours straight.

Solar Panels : The unit does not ship  with solar panels.  You can power it directly from your wall AC outlet.

If you purchase additional solar panels, make sure they are in the  12-50VDC output voltage range.

AC Output : The Humless 1500 has just 1 AC output, which is a bummer, but you get 1500 watts or pure sine wave AC and surge watts of upto 2000 watts.  Pure Sine Wave AC output is always better for modern day electronics.

DC Output : There are two DC output ports, a 12V DC cigarette outlet that will output up to 10 Amps and a maximum of 120 watts and a 12V DC Anderson connector rated for a maximum of 20Amps and 240 watts.

USB Output : There are four USB ports which is excellent. They are all capable of delivering 3 Amps, which means fast charging for all your devices.

The USB ports produce 5VDC and the cumulative current from the 4 USB outlets will not exceed 8 Amps which is a lot of juice.

Size and Weight :  The Humless 1500 weight 35 pounds and has a very small  8.85i  x 8.85  x 14 inch footprint.

Humless Generator : Conclusion

Conclusion : The Positives : The Humless 1500 is an excellent value for money heavy duty solar generator. The two biggest positives for the Humless 1500 are its advanced Li Fe battery with upto 8 years of battery life and its light weight size and looks (just 37 pounds )

Humless 1500 Solar GeneratorThe negatives : You will have to plan to buy additional solar panels if you plan to be outdoors and camping and nowhere near an AC outlet.  The other mini negative is its slightly lower battery capacity at 640 watt hours which means you wont be able to run heavy duty devices like bigger power tools for very long.

Overall the lightweight heavy duty Humless 1500 Solar Generator gets a big thumbs up. Go get it now.

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