Keep It Clean: Husky Tool Box Review

husky tool box

25% of people in the United States don’t have room in their 2-car garage to park any cars. That’s one out of every four Americans, who probably don’t have a Husky Tool Box !

In fact, even people with organized homes say that the garage is the one room in the house that is a disaster. A perfect segway for the Husky Tool Box.

Husky has come up with a line of products designed to make storage simple, tidy and effective. Both the handheld tool boxes and the large chest and cabinet combinations help you maximize space in your garage or workspace.

Read on for a detailed Husky tool box review to learn if it is right for you.

Rolling Husky Tool Box Overview

Husky is a line of hand tools and other products sold exclusively by Home Depot. The entire Husky tool line is backed by a lifetime guarantee so that you can work faster and smarter with dependable, tough tools that get the job done.

Husky makes several large, rolling tool chest and cabinet combos. You can choose a 52″ or 56″ chest and cabinet combo with either 15 or 23 drawers respectively. There is also a 61″ mobile workbench.

These combos are huge! The 52-inch wide one is almost 65″ tall and 20″ deep. Looking at it you may doubt that it will free up space in your garage because it’s massive. But the 15 drawers do let you maximize your space.

The units are separated into a cabinet on the bottom and a chest on the top. The cabinet base has deep drawers that are 1.5 feet deep. That’s deep enough to store your circular saw inside.

Now, let’s look at some of the features of these Husky tool boxes as well as the pros and cons.

Soft-Close Drawers

The great thing about soft-close drawers is that you can kick the drawer closed without making all your tools slide around inside the drawer.

The mechanisms in the drawer slowly pull the drawer closed without disturbing the items inside. And the soft-close feature prevents the drawer from slamming shut loudly.

So your wrenches and solar flashlight will stay as tidy as they are meant to be.

Stable Drawers

Another great feature about the Husky rolling tool boxes is that the drawers have smooth ball-bearing slides. Ball-bearing drawer slides can support from 100-120 pounds depending on the model.

If you double up the slides on the bottom drawer and you’ve got yourself a drawer with up to 200-lbs of weight capacity. Plus, the drawers are 0.0415″ thick.

Power Strips

Husky seems to have thought of everything when they designed these tool boxes. They aren’t the only tool boxes on the market to feature a power strip inside. But Husky does it better than most.

The Husky 60-inch workbench, for example, has a six-outlet, two USB power strip on the right-hand side so you can put your drill to charge as well as your smartphone.

The 52-inch Husky combo has two 4-outlet and two USB power strips. You will find each power strip on either side of the chest.

The 56-inch tool chest provides a power strip across the whole back up top. The placement of this power strip is ideal. It gives you access to your power supply wherever you need it.

Husky Tool Box Mechanics Tool Set Kit
Husky Tool Box Mechanics Tool Set Kit

Lots of Casters

All three units come with six, 5-inch x 2-inch casters. Four of them swivel and have lock/unlock pedals on the front. The two in the middle don’t move for stability.

Each caster is designed to handle 425 pounds. That’s a combined weight of up to 2,500 pounds!

These casters are mounted to angle iron steel supports located under the base cabinets. That’s why they can handle over 2 tons of weight.

Husky Tool Box : Other Cool Extras

Some fun extras that the Husky combos come with is a magnetic back panel. You can stick your screwdriver, wrenches and other hand tools you access regularly right there.

Totally unnecessary but 100% awesome is the bottle opener built into the side of the cabinet. Enjoy a delicious cold one (after you’ve put away your power tools, that is).


The biggest issue with all 3 of these Husky combos is that they weigh over 500 pounds.

If you have it delivered to your home, you still have to get it unpacked and assembled. It’s almost impossible to assemble these units on your own.

Some Husky reviews state that people used a motorcycle lift table to get the units out of the back of their pickup truck.

Husky Tool Box 51 inch
Husky Tool Box 51 inch

Another downside is that you may have to trim the drawer liners to get them to lay perfectly flat. Not a huge deal but is still a mild inconvenience. Of course, it’s better that they are too big than not big enough to fit the whole drawer.

Husky Tool Box : Final Thoughts

The Husky 52″ or 56″ chest and cabinet combo and the 61″ workbench are all excellent storage solutions that can transform your garage or workspace.

instead of having boxes and tools strewn around the place, your items can be in a designated spot. And with 15 or 23 drawers, you really won’t run out of space for your tools.

With all that free space, you may find that you need to get a new toolset or two. Check Amazon for great deals on various Husky products.

Bottom line, if you want to maximize space, keep your tools organized and have a piece of sturdy and durable tool storage furniture, a Husky tool box is your best bet.

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