Kodiak Solar Generators : Inergy Kodiak 1100W Solar Generator

Kodiak Solar Generators :  This article is a comprehensive review of the Inergy Kodiak 1100W  Solar Generator from the makers of  Kodiak Solar Generators.

The Kodiak Solar Generator was the winner in our survey of over 36 solar generators. It topped the list of Best Solar Generators as well as the Top Heavy Duty Solar Generator.

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Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Heavy Duty
Solar Generator

Kodiak Solar Generators

Kodiak Inergy 1100
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Kodiak Solar Generators - REVIEW

The Inergy Kodiak 1100W  from Inergy Solar is the WINNER in our list of the Best Solar Generators in the market today.

Great Design & Broad Appeal : The Kodiak Solar Generator designers made sure the Kodiak really appeals to RV users, campers, eco conscious outdoor folks and anyone looking for a serious jolt of stored power.

Rob Dewell from Pennsauken NJ says ” I have used the Yeti brand earlier, and the Kodiak Generator beats all of them hands down – its size and weight make it absolutely the best choice for my job as a Tech visiting customer sites”


POWER : 1100 WattsWeight : 20lbs

Home Solar Generator 1100 wattsInergy Kodiak solar generators
33 Reviews

Solar Panel: Not includedBattery :90 Ah Lithium @ 12.6V
Recharge : AC, 12V, SolarOutputs : USB (6),12V (2), AC (6) 30A RV (1)

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What can it power?

 Go-Pro-5-watts-Iphone-5-wattsGo Pro/Iphone
5 watts
 TV-32-inch-60-watts32″ TV
60 watts
650 watts
 LED-Light-8-wattsLED Light
8 watts
Mini-Fridge-60-wattsMini Fridge
60 watts
coffee-blender-1000-wattsCoffee Blender
1000 watts
30 watts
350 watts
Circular-Saw-1200-wattsCircular Saw
1200 watts
50 watts
computer-with-monitor-500-wattsComputer + Monitor
500 watts
Yes RV/Window AC-1500-wattsRV Window AC
1500 watts
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10 Reasons to Buy Kodiak Solar Generators

Kodiak Solar Generators are on the cutting edge of Solar Generator manufacturing. They have packed a whole host of top line features into the Kodiak Solar Generators range.  Lets look at the one at a time.

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generators Front
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Kodiak Solar Generators : Powerful Eco friendly Monster : The Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator is a monster in disguise. It small and light enough to masquerade as a Portable Solar Generator. But this combination of power and petite size made it win the Miss Solar Generator award – Best Overall Solar Generator.

However, if the Kodiak Solar Generator but seems to be a bit of monster for your for your needs, you should check out other sizes and brands in this post titled the best solar generators.

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generators Back
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Lithium Ion Batteries : The Inergy Kodiak 1100W  provides clean reliable power and will last you a long while thanks to the high efficiency long lasting Lithium Ion Batteries.

Long Lasting : The batteries are rated for 2000 cycles and 10 year shelf life. This Kodiak Solar Generator will outlast most of its competitors.

Light, Functional & Heavy Duty

Light and Portable : The Kodiak Solar Generator at just 20 pounds is truly a light weight portable amongst the heavy duty solar generators

Primed for RV Use :  The Kodiak Solar Generator is equipped with a 30Amp plug that can directly power the AC and other basics like lights, PC, fan etc in your RV.

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generators USB
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Serious Power : The Inergy Kodiak 1100W is powered by heavy duty Lithium Ion  battery rated 90AH battery @ 12.6 volts with 1100 watts capacity.

Peak Power : The Kodiak’s edge is its peak 3000 watt surge capacity. Other generators will die when you connect them to multiple devices as they cant take care of those critical short term surge requirements.

Expandable & Multi Output

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generators Outdoor

Expandable : You can easily add additional 12V batteries to increase the Inergy Kodiak’s capacity beyond the 1100 watts. Or you could Daisy chain a couple of external batteries together in series with the Kodiak Solar Generator to make it the L’Enfant terrible.

Solar Panels : You charge the battery using the solar panels (Panel volts not to exceed 30v and total panel capacity of 600W max) or through a standard wall outlet or a car charger outlet.  A drawback is that the unit ships without solar panels and if you plan to use it off grid you would need to buy solar panels.

If you are interested in learning about other solar generators you can see detailed reviews and specification of some of the top solar generators here.

Wattage : This Inergy Kodiak 1100W Heavy Duty solar generator generates 1100 watts of continuous AC power with surge capacity of 3000W.

6 AC outlets : The in-built AC inverter provides 6 110V standard AC outlets with maximum output per outlet of 1100 watts at 10 Amps. The total output from all AC plugs maxes out at 1500W.

AC Power from Kodiak Solar Generators : The light weight Kodiak Solar Generators max out at 1500 watts from all the plugs, but this can be easily increased by adding additional AGM batteries to the Kodiak.  Make sure you get the correct cables for the additional batteries.

Kodiak Solar Generators : RV Friendly

RV Plug : This Kodiak Solar Generator  has the very convenient 30Amp RV plug, that also outputs 10Amp max.

6 USB outputs : Additionally there are a whopping 6 USB outlets, 2 12V DC car sockets each capable of delivering 180W at 15 Amps max and two 12V DC basecamp LED light ports capable of powering a maximum of 10 LEDs each. That is some serious output firepower. You can buy the unit on Amazon. or you can 10% off by buying it directly from Inergy : use code SolarHome for your discount.

Charging and Power Capabilities of the Kodiak :

  • Smartphones: 100+
  • Tablets: 40+
  • Laptops: 20+
  • 18 cu ft. refrigerator, 20% duty: 33 hours
  • 9 cu ft. chest freezer, 15% duty: 50 hours
  • 1/3 HP Sump Pump: 2.5 hours
  • Basecamp LED Light: 166 hours

KODIAK Solar Generators Video Review 

Pros & Cons


  • Light weight and Portable
  • 1100 watts of continuous power and 3000 watts of surge power
  • Easy expandability
  • Long lasting Lithium Ion batteries
  • Multiple Outputs AC, DC and USB


  • Solar Panels are seperate
  • Its pricey but well worth the $$$

Final Conclusion

Overall, this is an outstanding heavy duty generator which weighs just 20 lbs. The Kodiak Solar Generator is easily the most portable of the heavy duty champions and the plethora of outputs and RV compatibility make it a thoroughbred solar generator.

The Inergy Kodiak solar generator is great for camping, emergencies, outdoors, tailgating, and more. Its compatible appliances include: laptops, TVs, power tools, microwaves, smartphone, lights, etc.

And to end with Mike Powers, of Tallahassee, Florida : “If you are looking for a Heavy Duty Battery Powered Generator, the Kodiak Generator is hands down the best  I have seen

Ecoworthy 100W Solar Panel
Panel Prices

Additional Solar Panels : If you are looking to add solar panels for the  Inergy Kodiak 1100W solar generator check out these Eco Worthy 100W panels and charge controller. There are more choices available on Amazon, but the Eco worthy panel and charger come with good reviews.

There is so much more to explore in the solar world. Have a look at these other products and information about using solar at home. Thank you for visiting MySolarHome.us

Kodiak Generator : Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

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