Off Grid Solar Calculator – for Renogy 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit

This Off Grid Solar Calculator will help you calculate the number of batteries and the number of solar panels you need for your offsite cabin or that boat or RV based on the Renogy 200W  Solar Panel Kit.

The calculator has the specifications of the solar panels which come with this kit.  You have to choose the batteries you will use. Batteries are not part of the solar panel kit. The other issue is you might need more than the TWO 100W panels that comes included in the kit if your load is high.

The suggested battery is the 12V 125 AH deep cycle AGM Solar battery  from  VMAX Solar.  If you choose another battery,  you can change the values of voltage and AH in the calculator shown below the table. This table here shows the default values of the panel wattage, the hours of sunlight, battery voltage in capacity. You can change these values in the calculator.

What is the wattage of the solar panel in your Kit ? 100 (kit comes with 2 panels) Read Review
How many hours of bright sunlight do you expect ? 6
What is the voltage of your battery ? 12
What is the capacity in Amp Hrs (AH) of your battery ? 125

Based on the information you entered about the type of panels, batteries and your usage – the calculator will tell you how many panels and batteries you need to power the cabin/RV for 1 day.  The calculator will let you know if you need to buy additional panels with your kit and also the number of batteries you will need. PLEASE note your kit comes with 2, panels of 100W each. So if the calculator says you need 2 panels, you don’t need to buy additional panels. You will only need to buy additional panels if the number is greater than or equal to 3.

This Solar Panel Kit – Off Grid Calculator assumes you require enough power from the solar panels to charge the batteries from about 50% capacity to a 100% capacity in 1 day.  If you discharge your battery to very low levels, it will stop working and you won’t be able to recharge it.  Its best not to discharge your battery to below 50%.

It also assumes that you get bright sunlight for the hours you entered into the calculator. If you are up north with shorter days, I would suggest keeping the hours of sunlight at about 4 or less. The number of solar panels and batteries is based on the assumption that the appliances indicated will be used for 1 day on battery power. The solar panels will recharge the batteries to a 100% every day after the panels will produce enough power to recharge the battery to a 100% in one day.

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Disclaimer :-  This calculator is for illustration purposes only.  Results are approximate. Location, hours of sunlight and battery conditions and maintenance will affect results. Your comments are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Off Grid Solar Calculator – for Renogy 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit”

  1. This calculator is confusing at first, but after I read the instructions again I was able to use it. I was unsure about the solar panel kit size I should buy. Looks like 200 watts is actually not so much power: but it will have to do as anything larger is so much more expensive. Thanks. Nissa.

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