Renogy Phoenix 20W Portable Solar Generator

Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator

The Renogy Phoenix 20W Portable Solar Generator is a new entrant to the crowded portable solar genset market. It is a new avatar of the earlier Renogy Firefly Portable unit.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator Back

The Phoenix is a compact portable unit with inbuilt solar panels, a Lithium Polymer Battery and an advanced charged controller to make sure the battery is charged optimally and lasts its full lifetime. The earlier version had lower efficiency Lithium Ion batteries and a smaller 10W inbuilt solar panel.  The older Firefly has a display with less information as compared to the Phoenix and the battery was not replaceable. The portable solar generator market is a crowded space with a lot of options. You can read and compare the best of them at top solar generators 2017.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator USB

The Renogy Phoenix 20W is powered by a Lithium Polymer  battery rated 16AH battery @ 14.8 volts with 240 watts capacity.  The battery can be replaced easily and that gives this portable solar generator great flexibility. You can carry an extra battery with you on that longer trip now.

The inbuilt 20W panel is capable enough, but if you want faster charging you are better off adding another external solar panel.  Make sure the external panel is 100W or less as the Phoenix does not support higher rated external solar panels.  Charge the unit with its built in panels or with external Panels with volts not to exceed 30v and total panel capacity not to exceed 120W. The other charging options are from standard AC wall outlet or a car charger outlet.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator Output

This Renogy Phoenix Portable solar generator generates 150 watts of continuous AC power with surge capacity of 170W. The in-built AC inverter provides pure sine wave 110V AC output. Additionally there are 4 USB outlets each with max output of 2.4Amps, one 12V DC car charger output and two 12V DC outputs. The unit also has a convenient multimode 3W LED bulb for emergency lighting.

The unit can be used for camping, emergencies, outdoors, tailgating, and more. Its compatible appliances include: laptop, TV, power tools, microwave, smartphone, lights, etc.
The Renogy website has some impressive stats about the charging and power capabilities of the Phoenix :


Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Device charging
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Renogy Phoenix  Portable Solar Generator

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