Solar Motion Toy : Car & Grasshopper

The Solar powered Grasshopper and Car are excellent examples of the adaptation of solar technology to power educational toys which combine learning and entertainment. These two solar motion toys are wildly popular and are sure to surprise delight and educate your child.

Solar Powered Grasshopper 5 pieces/pack

Solar Motion Toy - Solar Grasshopper
Solar Motion Toy - Solar Grasshopper Army
These Grasshoppers come with a 1 year warranty and are fun for the entire family. The solar motion toy kit comes with 5 grasshoppers, each of them is solar powered.   Each grasshopper contains a small motor with an off set weight which spins and vibrates moving  the grass hopper along. The Grasshoppers legs are metal wires which best work on smooth surfaces.
Kids will love snapping the pieces together to make their own insect creation.  The Grasshoppers dance to their own unmistakable tunes, even as their antennae sway in the sunlight making them a treat to watch and learn from.

A great toy for children to  build their fine motor skills and as well as also learn all about solar energy.

Solar Motion Toy - Solar Moving Plane

Solar Powered Car and Science Education Kit

Solar Motion Toy - Solar Car
This versatile solar powered solar motion toy is a science education kit. There are simple and easy to follow step by step instructions to build 6  different models: a Solar Revolving Plane, a Solar Windmill, a Solar Plane, a Solar Airboat, a Solar Puppy and a  Solar Car . You can see pictures in this article showing the solar car, the solar revolving plan and the solar air boat.
This kit is simple to set up and provides an opportunity for kids to focus on their motor and organizational skills. Assembly of the 22 different parts require planning and discipline. The instructions are simple and the final creations give your kids a sense of achievement.
Solar Motion Toy - Solar Airboat

These two toys are a great combination of play and learning as our kids learn to practice using their brains while seeing  the benefits of solar energy up close and personal.  Seeing solar power these toys without the aid of batteries or any other source of power allows kids to understand the power of our sun and the nature of energy transmitted as light from the sun.

If you are interested in giving your kids a chance to express their scientific instincts, you just won’t go wrong with these two marvelous solar motion toys : the solar grasshopper and the solar car / solar science kit.

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The Solar Grasshopper and the Solar Car Education Kit  are the perfect toys for your kids and a fine complement to any home that is environmentally conscious and values solar and other renewable energy resources. Here is more for you to explore in the solar world.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Elenco  Solar Deluxe Educational Kit
80 Reviews
Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational Kit
  • 5VDC solar cells pre-wired in sets of 3 and mounted in a 5" x 4" x 7/16" black-plastic frames
  • 5 volt DC motor with leads and a mount
  • Another great science kit from Elenco, the Snap Circuit company
  • A fan blade and (4) plastic discs from 5/8" dia to 2" dia for mounting on the motor shaft
  • A 1 5V incandescent bulb with leads, a sound module with leads, and graphic cards to mount on the discs
Bestseller No. 2
Solar Lab 1.0 Electricity Learning Kit
23 Reviews
Solar Lab 1.0 Electricity Learning Kit
  • How a solar cell works
  • How to build circuits to solar-power different devices
  • How to use a multimeter to learn about voltage, electric current and power
  • How to build a solar-powered battery charger (batteries included).
  • Toy
SaleBestseller No. 3
OWI  6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit
315 Reviews
OWI 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit
  • Great for first time science experimenters
  • Illustrates how light energy from the sun can be transformed to electrical energy and mechanical motion
  • BEWARE OF FAKE MERCHANDISE: OWI does not license to any companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia or China. OWI PRODUCTS ARE ONLY PRODUCED IN TAIWAN
  • Learn how solar energy can be used to generate electricity
  • Toy
SaleBestseller No. 4
Learning Resources LER6040  Giant Magnetic Solar System
119 Reviews
Learning Resources LER6040 Giant Magnetic Solar System
  • Model space science concepts right on your classroom whiteboard
  • Jump start unit lessons on astronomy and outer space
  • Full-color, realistically-detailed magnets
  • 13-piece set includes 8 planets, Pluto (dwarf planet), Sun, Earth's moon, asteroid belt, and activity guide
  • Ideal for ages 5+
SaleBestseller No. 5
K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set – 583 Pieces – Ages 10+ – Engineering Educational Toy
16 Reviews
K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set – 583 Pieces – Ages 10+ – Engineering Educational Toy
  • Builds 9 Renewable Energy Models from K'NEX!
  • Wind, Solar and Hydro Powered models that are all operational!
  • Compare and contrast the power and efficiency of three different alternative energy sources
  • Models focus on physical science concepts such as force, motion, simple machines, leverage, mechanical advantage, work, energy and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive teacher's guide aligned to NSES, ITEEA, NCTM and Common Core Mathematics standards included.
Bestseller No. 6
3in1 Solar Energy Transforme Educational DIY Robot Tank Scorpion Modle Kit Toy Educational Toys
2 Reviews
3in1 Solar Energy Transforme Educational DIY Robot Tank Scorpion Modle Kit Toy Educational Toys
  • Valuable Solar Chameleon Kit which can assemble up to 3 different models by yourself . Great assembly toy for kids to practice their brain and be educated by solar energy to express your kid's interest in science extremely helping your children on creation.
  • Educational DIY Solar Kit, new energy source, good environment protection, handsome appearance and vivid. This kit enlightens your kids in the utilization of the available energy and to learn about the environment benefits of renewable energy. Allowing young builders to focus on self-motivation, perseverance and manipulation.
  • Material: Plastic ** Main Color: Blue** Motor: DC ** Robot ize: Approx. 8x7x10.5cm** Scorpion Size: Approx. 14x9x7.5cm** TAnk Size: Approx 8x9.5x6cm
  • Solar Toy can be assembled: Solar Robot, Solar Tank, Solar Scorpion
  • Package Included: One solar panel, Principal Part Fittings, Mechanical Parts, Stickers, Users Manual
SaleBestseller No. 7
Young Scientist Club The Magic School Bus Engineering Lab
100 Reviews
Young Scientist Club The Magic School Bus Engineering Lab
  • Get ready to Explore Engineering
  • Create, discover, learn and experiment
  • Comprehensive kit includes everything you need
  • STEM; science;mathe; engineering;technology;hands-on; building; science;experiments;bus;electricity;solar energy; solar power; educational
  • This bus-shaped kit comes packed with engineering experiments and components
SaleBestseller No. 8
Edu-Toys  6-in-1 Solar Kit
12 Reviews
Edu-Toys 6-in-1 Solar Kit
  • Construct six different motor driven solar Models
  • Complete easy to read instruction manual
  • Explore how solar power works
  • Hours of fun constructing Models
  • No batteries required
Bestseller No. 9
PicoTurbine Solar Education Power Fun Racer
  • Solar powered toy race car.
  • Build it yourself walk through instructions that are very easy to follow.
  • No soldering required.
  • Ideal for learning the basics of solar cell technology and circuitry design.
  • Toy
Bestseller No. 10
Pitsco Basswood SunZoon Lite Solar Car Kit (For 30 Students)
1 Reviews
Pitsco Basswood SunZoon Lite Solar Car Kit (For 30 Students)
  • Solar car kit provides students in grades 3-12 a hands-on activity to design and build a model car that demonstrates solar energy, photovoltaics, velocity, force, and motion
  • Includes a basswood chassis that can be used as-is or cut and shaped using cutting tools, and then painted in any color for unique, individual designs
  • Assembled with adhesive strips for ease of construction
  • Reinforces technology, engineering, and math concepts as students design and build an efficient model solar car and test its performance
  • Finished car measures approximately 3 x 3.5 x 6 inches (H x W x D)

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