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Are you looking for the best solar panels and solar installers in New Jersey, the most solar energy friendly state in the country?

There is a lot of information to wade through :  Solar Panels from Panasonic, SunPower, LG et al ; Enphase Microinverters or Solar Edge Optimizers ;  Solar Lease,  Solar PPA or financing ; NJ Solar Incentives like the TREC, SREC,  the list goes on.  

Add to the cacophony, you have a multitude of solar companies in New Jersey that are competing with different standards of quality, experience and solar panel offerings.

Let the Solar installation experts at cut to the chase and bring you your 3 best solar options. Stay secure in the knowledge that you have the best value and quality vetted by solar industry experts working on your behalf.

We will only bring you the best solar programs and offers from the best solar installers in NJ.  With the top 3 options to choose from, you get the best deals from the best solar intstallers in New Jersey with custom quotes for your home.

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NJ Solar Panels

Solar installation experts at scour the New Jersey market for the best solar panel deals as well as the best solar installation companies.

And we bring the best solar programs in NJ to you directly. No selling your information as leads to solar companies. No pesky phone calls or emails from a dozen different solar installers. will present the 3 best solar offerings to you: which could be from 3 different NJ solar companies. You choose the solar installer and the solar panels you like and only then will they contact you.

Call us at 609 908 6650 to speak to a Solar expert. We will answer all your questions and get you started on the road to getting customized solar panels for your home.

Don’t feel like talking, simply fill in your name and email and we will reach out to you with your customized top 3 solar offerings from New Jersey’s best solar companies.

NJ Solar Panel Offering

NJ Solar Installers

Experts from will work in conjunction with you to evaluate your roof, assess your savings potential from solar and design your system.

Everything is done over the phone and email.

Choose your own equipment or let the solar experts from recommend them. We work with the best equipment vendors in the solar industry - Solar panels from LG, Panasonic, Q Cell and many more.

MicroInverters from Enphase or Optimizers from Solar Edge. Racking from Everest, Unirac, Iron Ridge and others.

Next, select the solar program that works best for you : NJ Solar Lease, Solar Purchase or Solar Financing.

Once we have all the necessary information for a successful solar install, we will go shopping on your behalf.

We will ask for quotes, compare offerings, assess the solar company and choose the top 3 best solar offerings.

Finally, will present Solar Panel proposals with pricing, warranty and installation information from two or three of the best solar installation companies in your New Jersey neighborhood.

You choose the offer you like and coordinates with the solar installer to get your system up and running. 

Call us at 609 908 6650 to speak to a Solar expert.

Different Home Solar programs in New Jersey

NJ Homeowners can either buy, finance or lease solar panels in the garden state.

The Solar Purchase and Solar Financing programs have 3 main incentives :

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program guarantees a steady stream of income for 15 years through the REC (Renewable Energy Credit) program.

REC’s also known as SREC’s and TRECs are issued by the state and can be sold like stocks. The are extremely attractive as they have a fixed sale price of $ 92 each. And every solar panel owner in NJ who buys or finances their solar panels will receive TREC’s.

Every 1000 kwh of solar production gets you a TREC.

An average sized system in New Jersey ( 8 kw with 28 solar panels) will easily make around 10 REC’s in a year.

That's $920 cash in your pocket every year for the next 15 years. Yes that’s exciting and a great financial incentive to go solar.

Electric Bills post solar go down to almost 0. That’s another $1200 of savings over the year for an average NJ homeowner

And, last but not the least - 26% of your system cost comes back to you as a Federal Tax refund. Called the ITC or federal tax credit.

Solar Lease buyers in NJ are not eligible for the REC’s or the Tax credit. They enjoy only Electric Savings. But, unlike buyers of Solar panels , they have No out of pocket payments. Just, the small monthly Solar Lease payment.

The Solar Lease is an excellent option for those unable to take the tax credits, like Retirees or Non profits who pay very little to no taxes.

NJ Srec Tax Credit

What NJ Solar installation companies does work with?

Our objective is to get you a solar system that meets your exact requirements. If you are looking for the best solar equipment and service, we will work with both national and local master installation dealer partners of companies like SunPower, Panasonic and LG.

For the value conscious buyers we select the best local installer companies in NJ that work with top tier super premium solar panel manufacturers. Installers with only the best track record and a history of top line equipment and after sales service will quote for your system.

Your priority will be our guiding principle. We will be your advocate and work to get the best deal for you. will take the stress out of buying Solar.

Public Service Solar
Momentum Solar
Green Power Solar
NJ Solar
Ampericon Solar

Why should I go through

Simply because we have shared interests and goals.

You want the best deal, the best equipment and the least hassle in selecting the very best residential or commercial solar solution for your home or business in NJ.

Offering the best solar deal is in our interest as it enhances our reputation and brings us a steady flow of referrals. We are constantly looking to offer the most value to you.

Solar is complicated and as solar professionals, we know what works best. We negotiate on your behalf to get your the best possible deal.

Finally, as a third party solar expert we are able to make recommendations on equipment, design and financial options after assessing every available solar option in the Jersey market.
You get more bang for your buck with solar panels recommended by 

New Jersey Solar FAQ's

What are the cost of residential solar panels in NJ?

Buyers of Solar panels in New Jersey can expect to pay between $ 2.3 per watt to $ 3 for Solar depending on the size of the system and the brand of solar panels.

If price per watt is greek to you - here are some prices we have for average households in NJ.

For an average monthly electric bill of $150 a month, your 7 kw system would cost between $16,100 and $21,000.

After 26% federal tax credits, the net out of pocket would be from $11,914 to $ 15,540

Similarly, an average monthly electric bill of $300 a month, your 12 kw system would cost between $27,600 and $36,000.

After 26% federal tax credits, the net out of pocket would be from $20,424 to $ 26,640

What is the cost of commercial solar panels in NJ?

Commercial Solar Panels are most commonly available through a 7 year lease program. The Commercial Solar Lease program would reduce electric bills by about 80%.

A business paying around $ 1000 every month for electricity, would save around $800 on electric after going Solar. Lease payments would be around $650 a month for 7 years.

After 7 years there are no more payments and solar would continue to save the commercial establishment around $ 800 every month on electricity for another 25 years.

Buyers of Commercial Solar panels in New Jersey can expect to pay between $ 2.1 per watt to $ 2.6 for Solar depending on the size of the system and the brand of solar panels.

What savings can I expects after buying Solar Panels in NJ ?

New Jersey Homeowners are very fortunate; the New Jersey Solar savings are outstanding.

The first big savings is on your existing Electric Bill:  it will go down to close to zero.  So if you are paying a $100 a month, that saving would be almost $1,200 a year, maybe a tad less $ 1,150.

You have the tax savings which we talked about earlier, 26% of your system cost will come back as a federal tax refund.

The third mouth watering source of income is the TREC program. Make anywhere from $ 75 each month to $ 300 depending on the size of your solar system. That's a huge amount of money in your pocket.

Solar Lease and PPA buyers will only get Electric Savings - not the Tax and TREC savings.

Let get you the best Solar deal available in New Jersey.  

Call 609 908 6650 to speak to a Solar expert.

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