Understanding How a Solar Powered Heater Works

Solar HeaterThere’s nothing quite as exciting as investing in home technology. A solar powered heater might be your smartest home investment of all. Be sure you know how it works to get the most from your investment.

Heating one’s home is among our greatest life expenses. Those bills are also unpredictable depending on utilization. The average American can spend over $1,800 per winter on heating alone.

You have an opportunity to bring that figure down to $0. And the technology is neither hard to understand nor out of reach.

Solar panels have been used for high-tech equipment for years. You can adopt that efficient technology and lower the costs of heating your home. Once you make the initial technology investment, there are virtually no additional costs.

4 Things to Remember About Your Solar Powered Heater

Solar heating harnesses the sun’s energy to provide heat for your home. Some heaters can provide hot water for your family as well.

These techniques reduce related costs to zero with minimal impact on your lifestyle. In fact, you’ll realize you’ve saved thousands on years of repairs required for traditional systems.

As you consider your investment, read up on the facts here. We’ve identified four things everyone should keep in mind before making the investment. This will help you get started and move forward with minimal stress.

Active and Passive Systems

Not all solar heaters are the same. For one, you can select between an active or passive system. Here are the differences:

An active system uses energy to pump fluid throughout the system. Heated fluid from the solar panel flows to a storage container. It is then stored there for later use.

A passive system does not require energy, rather moves heat naturally through the system. It might take advantage of warm air’s rising effect to do so, for example.

Each has its own needs and advantages. You may find passive units have fewer maintenance requirements. You may find active solutions can better meet your personal needs.

Upfront Project Costs

Just as with any new installation, buying and installing can be expensive. But solar heating costs a fraction of what you pay for a traditional system.

As with any home improvement, you will need an expert to help you with the logistics and installation. This is another required expenditure you’ll thank yourself for later.


Both types of units share some requirements. Each have panels that need a sunny location without obstacles. This will most likely be on the roof of your home.

You may find the active system has more weight and needs more insulation. For the passive system, you must ensure the temperatures don’t reach extremes.

The Right Expertise

You don’t have to go it alone. An expert can help you identify the best technology and installation strategy.

Be sure you partner with someone familiar with the specific technology you’re buying. Before long you’ll be on your way to a low-cost home heating experience.

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Author: Michelle P

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