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Hey There! Thanks for visiting. My name is Jon. I am from Princeton, NJ and I run the MySolarHome.us website and the MySolarHome.us Youtube Channel.

I am fascinated with all things Renewable Energy and dream of a sustainable planet for our children and grand children. I have a BS in Physics followed by an MBA. I have fifteen years experience in the energy industry as a practicing solar and battery, sales and installation specialist.

I understand the underlying technology and follow the latest developments in the Solar panels, Solar batteries, Energy Storage, and related industries.

I have designed MySolarHome.us to help Homeowners, RV Owners, Boat Owners, Technology Enthusiasts, New Buyers, and Consumers learn about Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Generators, Solar Panel Kits and more.

This is Lola and she asked me to make sure she was mentioned in the about page. I spend most of my free time with Lola. We yak and bark while going on long nature hikes.

She occasionally reviews some of the products by taking them through stress tests that they seldom survive. She never complains and is always a fan.

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Solar panels and energy storage for
sustainable living


We gather data and conduct site visits to determine the feasibility and best approach.

Battery devices

This step involves procuring the necessary eqpment and material.

Ongoing Support

We provide the client with instructions, and information on system monitoring.

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Jon is a professional Solar and Battery Sales and Installation specialist with over 15 years of industry experience. He runs the MySolarHome YouTube Channel and helps homeowners and businesses go Solar.

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